Our favourite Traditional Costumes of Puteri Indonesia 2022 (Pre-Quarantine)

17 May 2022 | Camilla Suarez

Puteri Indonesia 2022, the 25th Puteri Indonesia pageant, is scheduled to be held on 27th May 2022 at Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia, where stunning finalists from all over the country will represent their respective province and compete for the national title.

While the provincial finalists are preparing for the big day, the official pageant activities have begun as the divas were sashed and recently shot for the promotional videos in their traditional costumes at The Westin, Jakarta. So, without any further ado, here are our top 5 favourite national costumes from the shoot –

Puteri Indonesia West Kalimantan 2022 Dr. Arisda Octalia

Proudly representing Kalimantan Barat, Octalia wore this beautiful masterpiece ‘Pakaian Daerah Melayu Sambas’, made of Sambas woven fabric which can be referred to as ‘Kain Lunggi’ with a bamboo shoot ‘Pucuk Rebung’ pattern. The attire was coupled with Sancak and Jamang Headpiece decorations which certainly added to the beauty and luxury of this outfit.



Puteri Indonesia North Sumatra 2022 Sarah Pia Desideria Pandjaitan

As a descendant of Toba and Karo Batak blood, Sarah chose to present Karo traditional clothing. Due to the development of the plantation industry in the Karo lands, currently there are no more uis karo weavers from the Karo area. This weaving is made in the Samosir area using a hand loom, the gedogan.



Puteri Indonesia Aceh 2022 Eggy Fegri Lindira Putri

Eggy donned the ‘Guerilla War Vol 2’ costume designed by Jenni Mastura inspired by the historical monument in Meulaboh, West Aceh, namely the Meukeutop Teuku Umar kupiah. For the people of Aceh, the meukeutop kupiah is not only valuable in terms of customs, but is also full of historical value. Historically, the meukeutop kupiah is more synonymous with the oversized hat that is often worn by Teuku Umar and other Acehnese heroes, which symbolizes the splendor, elegance, glory of the Kingdom. Aceh. Likewise with the modification of the Sulubayung motif which is applied to this dress in the form of leaves and flowers symbolizing the harmony and affection of the people of Aceh. Millennial-style clothing designs, but still look trendy and also uphold their own customs and culture amidst the rapid flow of globalization



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Puteri Indonesia North Maluku 2022 Gusti Chairunnysa Kusumayuda

Adorning a traditional kebaya, Gusti dispayed Ternate women's traditional clothing from the nobility is usually a long kebaya with satin fabric and various luxurious jewelry accessories. This kebaya, called Kimun Gia, is worn by all ages, only in different colors. For women who are still young, light colors are still the choice as a symbol of their young soul. Usually, jewelry made of real gold and includes brooches, necklaces, belts, and even hairpins are also mandatory. The bun is also an important complement to the traditional clothing of Ternate women.



Puteri Indonesia DKI Jakarta 6 2022 Maureethania Miranda

Miranda wore  the ‘Peranakan Legacy: A Pictorial Celebration with Three Lucky Charm’ costume by Jacob A, a modern Cheongsam inspired by Peony Flowers, Peacocks and Dragons; where these 3 elements have different meanings. Peony flower symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The peacock symbolizes beauty, elegance and holiness. Meanwhile, the figure of the Dragon has the meaning of strength and courage. The combination of these 3 elements is believed by the Peranakan Chinese community to bring good luck throughout the year for the wearer.