Jihane Almira Chedid emerging as the potential winner of Puteri Indonesia 2020

02 Mar 2020 | Abigail Henry

Puteri Indonesia 2020, the 24th Puteri Indonesia pageant, will be held on 6th March 2020 at Jakarta Convention Center in Jakarta, Indonesia. Frederika Alexis Cull, Puteri Indonesia 2019 of Jakarta SCR 1 and Top 10 Miss Universe 2019 will crown her successor by the end of the event. The winner will represent Indonesia at the Miss Universe 2020 whereas the first and second runner-up will represent Indonesia at the Miss International 2020 and Miss Supranational 2020 pageant respectively.

As all the delegates are prepping themselves for the finale event, Jihane Almira Chedid is emerging as one of the potential contestants who can win the title and represent Indonesia at Miss Universe 2020 platform.



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Jihane Almira Chedid is 19 years of age and stands a whopping height of 176 cm. She hails from the city of Semarang, Jawa Tengah. Jihane is a sitcom actress and model of Indonesia. This Semarang-based artist is often nicknamed Kylie Jenner Indonesia as she looks just like her.

Jihane's career started when she was 11 years old, following the cover of Aneka magazine. It was only in 2014, this beautiful girl's career was wide open, she was chosen as a finalist in Cover Girl 2014. A year later, Jihane Almira's performance attracted attention, so she entered the Top 15 Guess Girl Search South East Asia and the Top 10 Nylon Face Off 2016. Moreover, now she chose to move to Jakarta some time ago from Semarang. For her education, Jihane Almira Chedid chose Home School.



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Jihane, who is a well-known face in the world of beauty pageant and television; after she played Melly in the ‘Love Blind’ soap opera produced by SCTV in 2019, has also been roped to play Blair Waldorf or Blair Hadiningrat on the show ‘Gossip Girl’ which is starring in Indonesia. For Jihane, the role of Blair and the platform of Puteri Indonesia 2020 is an opportunity to empower the young women who have been body shamed or demeaned in any way. She wants to ask them to stop listening to what other people say and start believing in oneself.

The diva is none other than a celebrity. She was casted in various movies and now she wants to move her path and try her luck in the pageantry world. The diva is already considered as a strong contender as she is not just beauteous, but also has all those suitable characteristics to win the pageant. The diva’s great following on media and being a well-known face in her country, has also impacted on her supports which are coming from all over the country.



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She is a beauty who is filled with humility and generosity, even after so much of success. She’s been gelling up with her other contestants so well and her relations with them were also building up great as she got to know about many girls who are representing their states.

In a recent event held at Puteri Indonesia, the diva was adjudged as the winner of the Best Evening Gown competition. She wore a beautiful fitted gown which was copper goldish in colour and looked marvellous on her. She was also adjudged as the finalist for the award of talent competition.

Jihane is confident, strong and dedicated towards winning the title and has already become people’s favorite. She has a lot in her hands this year, from the show Gossip Girl to Puteri Indonesia.

The successful diva has great chances on winning this year’s Puteri Indonesia. What do you think?