Indonesia’s Ayu Maulida to don ‘Komodo Dragon’ inspired national costume at Miss Universe 2020

22 Apr 2021 | Camilla Suarez

Puteri Indonesia organization held the seeing off press conference for Rr. Ayu Maulida Putri, before she flies off to the 69th Miss Universe, just a few hours ago which streamed live on the official Youtube channel of Puteri Indonesia. During the conference, Ayu Maulida showcased the national costume she will be donning at Miss Universe 2020.

The national costume, ‘Komodo dragons’, is created as a collaboration between Fashion Designer Diana M Putri from Diana Couture & Accessories Designers Yuling Hoo and Silvy Prajogo of Le Ciel Design.



The costume is inspired by the Komodo Dragons, the heaviest lizards on Earth that Native to Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands. Reaching up to 10 feet in length and more than 300 pounds, the Komodo dragon is often referred as “the last link to the Prehistoric Dinosaurs”.  All the beading on the costume is done handmade, while all the metal plates to resemble the scales are hand-stitched intricately.

Diana Putri of Diana Couture chose a Sequin 3D Black & Gold reversible base for the gown, creating an opulent, enigmatic and feral effect resembling the Komodo. The 3D chest piece and dramatic tail were created with Leather Laser-cutting and dyed with a special method to resemble the creature. The 3D effect of the tail is later emphasized with boning through balens. To add an elegant pageant effect, a Corsetery base is also used to further emphasize Ayu’s figure.

On the other hand, Yuling Hoo & Silvy Prajogo of Le Ciel Design chose 3 different kinds of metals that is combined into 1, these three colors are rustic gold, copper/bronze, and black gold to create an ombré effect on the gown. The scales are created from hammering and stamping. The gown consists of over 5000 unique scales to create the most opulent yet realistic approach to the costume.



This is another one of a kind costume with a mechanical touch to it, bringing the idea into life. the handmade Komodo headpiece relates to a robotic system combining motor, sensory & a microcontroller with LED controlled light-up choker and gloves.

Miss Universe 2020 will host the National Costume competition on 13th May 2021 with a live broadcast. Miss Universe Indonesia 2020 Ayu Maulida will represent Indonesia at the 69th edition of Miss Universe on 16th May 2021 in the United States. The winner will succeed Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa for the title.