Puteri Indonesia 2020 Ayu Maulida outshines at the send-off press conference

22 Apr 2021 | Ana Walia

Puteri Indonesia organization held Press Conference Rr. Ayu Maulida Putri goes to the 69th Miss Universe just a few hours ago which streamed live streaming on the official Youtube channel of Puteri Indonesia. The press conference was hosted by Rory Asyari and Princess Indonesia Intelligence 2019 Anastasia Praditha.

During the conference, Ayu Maulida paraded the stage in stunning three different outfits that showcased how confident, well-prepared, and confident she is to represent Indonesia at Miss Universe 2020 on 16th/17th May 2021 in the United States.



Ayu’s first look was a cocktail dress, ‘Black Orchid Flower’, designed by Sebastian Gunawan and was inspired by the tropical island Black Orchid flower which symbolizes femininity. The diva looked stunning and danced along with the guest singer Ticya Fang while walking on stage. The designer mentioned Ayu represents the beauty, intelligence, the grace of Indonesian women as a portrait by a black orchid flower.

The diva’s second look was a stunning evening gown, ‘IJEN: Blazing Bright Blue’, designed by Diana Putri. The gown was inspired by the “blue flames” of the Ijen Crater which Indonesia is very proud to have as travelers from all over the world visit to witness the blue flames. For the gown, Diana chose a sheer nude base adorned with glimmering Swarovski crystals in royal blue and Midas gold. The gown structurally created a form inspired by the scorching flames, forming a body-fitted curve telling a story about the flames shining through Ayu’s beautiful aura. While the colors are inspired by the flames, they also represent the regal touch behind the gown. Diana chose a classic old Hollywood-inspired silhouette to package the gown in an international light with rich natural and traditional inspiration.



The third look that Ayu paraded in was a traditional outfit, ‘Kebaya Merah Nareswari’, designed by Anne Avantie Heart. The red Kebaya in the outfit symbolizes the spirit of Indonesian women and is also a symbol of courage, strength, and not easily giving up. The Kebaya was combined with the motif parang batik which also symbolized not giving up and the machete in the outfit describes the spirit that never gives up in fighting for and making the nation proud. Nareswari kebaya has a very strong meaning so that it can encourage a princess who will fight.

Miss Universe Indonesia 2020 Ayu Maulida who is one of the favorites for the title took the center stage to appeal to the people of Indonesia to keep her in their blessings and pray for her to win. She mentioned a special thank you to everyone present at the press conference along with expressing her immense gratitude towards Puteri Indonesia and PT Mustika Ratu Tbk for giving her a chance to represent the country at Miss Universe 2020. The beauty queen thanked the pageant fanatics from Indonesia, her team and everyone who keeps her motivated and boosted up for the competition.



She added, “It has never happened before that the journey at Puteri Indonesia has been through so many ups and downs but I believe that this is all destiny and all of this is coming from the god. This year has been challenging for every one of us because we never expected this pandemic and we must fight for ourselves because we have realized to live each second of our lives to the fullest. After all, we don’t know what will happen next. If this is my last day, I would like to give my best and represent myself as Puteri Indonesia 2020. I not only represent myself as Puteri Indonesia 2020 or Miss Universe Indonesia 2020 but I represent all the beautiful women around the world who cannot join the competition because of the pandemic but I am sure that there is something better and bigger waiting for you.”

Ayu sounded confident and continued, “I represent the women around the world and would like to say that we have a voice, we have the confidence for everything we want to. Today men and women are equal and we can stand side-by-side together to fight against anything. We in Indonesia celebrate Kartini Day as a celebration of women because we believe that women can rule the world and that’s I believe that Miss Universe is looking for. Miss Universe is a platform for every woman to celebrate their voice, to celebrate their value as a woman.” She thanked her mother for her support and continuous support towards her dreams and for all the life lessons she has taught Ayu.

The beauty queen thanked everyone for supporting her platform, ‘Smiling Village’, and shared that she started this advocacy in 2017 with her friends for people in rural areas because they don’t have chances like us and we who have the power and a chance to do something well should help them. Ayu lastly added that she hopes that her advocacy can be an example for the people all over the world to do something good for people who don’t have the privileges like us.



Last but not the least, Miss Universe Indonesia 2020 Ayu Maulida showcased the national costume she will be donning at Miss Universe 2020. The national costume, ‘Komodo dragons’, designed by Diana M Putri and Silvy Prajogo and Komodo dragons are the heaviest lizards on Earth and are native to Indonesia’s lesser the Sunda Islands for millions of years, the Komodo dragon is often referred to as “the last link to the Prehistoric Dinosaurs”.

Ayu has been preparing for her international stint ever since her coronation with sincerity and determination. Her social media boasts of stunning photoshoots as she shows immense potential to be a strong contender at Miss Universe 2020.