Puteri Indonesia 2021 Wishlist: Shevira Anisa

03 Apr 2021 | Ana Walia

Puteri Indonesia organization announced that Puteri Indonesia Foundation and PT Mustika Ratu Tbk will hold the coronation for Puteri Indonesia 2021 soon where the delegates from all over the country will compete for the national crown and earn their chance to represent Indonesia at Miss Universe 2021, Miss International 2021, and Miss Supranational 2021.

With a list of delegates being prepared of the potential candidates to represent Indonesia at Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Supranational; Shevira Anisa has caught the attention as she seems like a potential candidate. She is a professional model under the famous MCM Model Management and has shown immense potential and dedication towards her work.



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The beauty queen who has been working in the fashion industry for some time now is experienced, well equipped with knowledge and is determined to perform her best on-stage and if she decides to participate at Puteri Indonesia 2021, she can be one of the favorites for the title. The diva has been vocal about her support for the local brands and empowering the community which is one of the qualities a beauty queen should have; the zeal to empower the world they live in.

Shevira has a beautiful and enchanting face with a charming personality that could help her impress the judges and the audience at the competition. She believes in working hard every single day and making the best out of the situation or challenge one is put into. She has a very aesthetic social media profile that captivates your attention and works for the beauty queen as she uses the social media to speak on topic like mental health and hard work, supporting local brands and embracing oneself.



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The diva who has experience in the field of modeling and fashion industry as she is represented by MCM Model Management, she emerges out as one of the favorites for the title of Puteri Indonesia 2021 and can represent the country at international competition. She works on herself every day as she believes everyday is a new learning and she wants to be the best in whatever she does. She is grateful for the opportunity she has received which has helped her to gain confidence and dedication towards her work. If she decides to participate, she can be a strong contender for the win.