Miss Universe Curacao 2020 Chantal Wiertz spreads awareness for Autism

03 Apr 2021 | Ana Walia

Chantal Wiertz was appointed Miss Universe Curacao 2020 in the month of May 2020 and became the official representative of Curacao at Miss Universe 2020 which is scheduled to take place on 16th May 2021, in the United States. Chantal was adjudged as the first runner-up at Miss Universe Curacao 2019 and thus the organization decided to appoint her for the international competition.

April is the month of Autism Awareness Month and Chantal is the ambassador for autism awareness and abuse against child. She uses her social media to spread awareness and educate others on the same as she believes that it is necessary for the ‘special kids’ to be treated the same way. She in an interview mentioned that she took up the advocacy because while growing up she felt left out and weird and noticed that her communication wasn’t always the way it was suppose to be.



The beauty queen went onto explain that there are still things she is not able to understand or get when someone says it but now when she has finally been able to conquer her fears, she can proudly say that she has Autism and that doesn’t define her but makes her unique and that’s why Chantal and her team came up with #CelebrateYourUniquness. The diva was recently diagnosed with Level 1 autism in which she can adjust herself well in the society and can basically hide her autism.

The diva decided to take onto the advocacy to bring awareness and spread much needed knowledge about autism as she mentioned that just like her there are people who have autism but are not aware or are not able to talk about it just because they don’t look ‘autistic’ so she decided to use the platform she has to bring in the required attention to the autism.



2nd April is recognized as the Autism Awareness Day and Chantal with her pageant sisters took over to their social media to raise awareness about Autism by wearing blue and support the understanding and acceptance of people with autism. Miss Universe queens including Nova Stevens, Estefani´a Soto Torres, Mariah Tibbetts, Sunniva Frigstad, Viivi Altonen, Elisabe Hulda, Lola de los Santos Bicco, Denise Speelman, Anthea Zammit, Helen Hernandez, and Lenka Nemer D’rpic shared a picture wearing blue and taking a pledge to spread awareness about autism.

Chantal in her interview shared that her autism can be seen in the way she reacts to the things and the way she communicates and that’s why she wants to bring in the attention of people to the condition which is not visible for some people but still exists. She mentioned that there is no treatment for autism but a lot of parents and therapist do is teach the autistic children how to behave from a very young age. Chantal’s effort to make people aware about Autism is appreciated by her fans and followers along with her pageant sisters. She uses her social media to share much needed information about the condition and how one can help in making life easy for the people suffering with the condition.