Puteri Indonesia 2022 Top 10 Hot Picks

27 May 2022 | Angelique Reyes

Puteri Indonesia 2022, the 25th Puteri Indonesia pageant, is scheduled to be held on 27th May 2022 at Jakarta Convention Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia, where stunning finalists from all over the country will represent their respective province and compete for the national title.

Indonesia withdrew its participation from Miss Universe 2021. Thus, the country will participate at Miss Universe 2022 after a gap of one year. The reigning queens, Puteri Indonesia 2020 Raden Roro Ayu Maulida Putri of East Java, Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2020 Putu Ayu Saraswati of Bali and Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata 2020 Jihane Almira Chedid of Central Java, will crown their successors at the end of the event.

While the provincial finalists are preparing for the big day, the official pageant activities have begun as the divas have been participating in pre-pageant and preliminary competitions. This year’s batch consists of 44 stunning divas who are competing for the national titles, but some divas have emerged and stood out stronger than the rest as potential contenders for the top ranks. So, without any further ado, here are our Top 10 Hot Picks for Puteri Indonesia 2022 –

Puteri Indonesia Jawa Timur 2022 Adinda Chresheilla

Adinda Cresheilla usually called Dinda is a model and entrepreneur. The 24-year-old has a hobby of playing basketball, tennis, badminton and singing also has many achievements. The diva wants to educate the public about the importance of empowering women and eliminating stigma based on gender so that together they can implement the fifth SDG goal, namely, Gender Equality.

One of her motivations to join the competition is to bring and introduce the urgency of Better Equal to a wider audience and use her potential and experience to become a person who is useful for many people.



Puteri Indonesia Bali 2022 Laksmi Shari Deneefe Suardana

Laksmi Shari De Neefe Suardana, commonly known as Laksmi, holds an academic degree in Bachelor of Fashion Business and works as Marketing Manager for Casa Luna Bali Group. The diva likes everything related to beauty, design, and nature. Laksmi earned an academic achievement in Polimoda Bachelor of Fashion Business cum laude 2020.

Laksmi also volunteered to teach English for Hope for Bali, the Begawan Foundation and visited the IIB Special Children's Development Institute in Karangasem, Bali. From this experience, she found firsthand that the literacy, interest in reading of children in Bali and even Indonesia still needs to be improved again.

Through Puteri Indonesia, Laksmi will fight together with the support of people throughout Indonesia in increasing awareness of the importance of literature and literacy.



Puteri Indonesia Banten 1 2022 Chrissy Fransisca Olivyana Rugian

Chrissy Fransisca Olivyana Rugian, usually called Ichi, is a Master of Science graduate in biochemical engineering, Masters - MSc Biochemical Engineering University College London (UCL), has a hobby of dancing, badminton, basketball and has a myriad of achievements.

Ichi is active in various social activities by establishing a platform called ‘Curie.us’ to address the issue of women's lack of representation in the field of science and to celebrate those who have worked in this field. She believes that the spirit to increase women's involvement in the field of science can be realized through the Puteri Indonesia platform.



Puteri Indonesia Maluku 2022 Jaswin K Dhillon

Jaswin, 23 years-old, is n Interior Designer, Entrepreneur and Model. She believes that education can turn a barrier into a door of opportunity. One of Jaswin's dreams is to start an interior design firm that respects the results of local Indonesian craftsmen.

Kele Par Kalesang is a spirit of advocacy carried out by Jaswin to increase the level of education. The quality of education in Eastern Indonesia requires a change which can be started by increasing the culture and spirit of literacy. Therefore, Kele Par Kalesang was formed, which aims to help educate the public about the importance of literacy in this era of digital transformation.



Puteri Indonesia Jawa Barat 2022 Melanie Theresia Berentz

22 year old Melanie currently works as an entrepreneur and has a strong mindset and mentality to face whatever comes in your way and are determined to do what you want to achieve. Melanie is also an active volunteer and donor at a non-profit organization called Generation Young Cares (GMP), which aims to provide free education for underprivileged children.

The motivation for Melanie to join the national competition is to inspire the younger generation to become entrepreneurs and remind them to give back to society.



Puteri Indonesia DKI Jakarta 5 Cindy May McGuire

Cindy May McGuire currently works as a general practitioner, model, commercial talent, and auditor at an aircraft company. She is also currently pursuing a dual master's degree at UNSW majoring in Health Management and Infectious Disease Leadership/Intelligence and wants to continue to learn and gain experience to help Indonesia be at the forefront of providing health services to the community.

Cindy wants to form a volunteer doctor organization to improve the Indonesian health care system to agree on and promote the improvement of the Indonesian health care system.



Puteri Indonesia NTT 2022 Breldy Angela Lerrick

19-year-old Breldy is  a student from one of the universities in NTT and describes herself as a cheerful person, loving, hardworking, never giving up, likes new things that are full of challenges, and likes to socialize. Her advocacy is inspired by small children in Kupang city who did not go to school and were forced to work by their parents for different reasons, ranging from the economy, or their parents who were lazy to work.

Breldy besides being active in various social activities, one of which is the Community-Based Integrated Child Protection Forum (PATBM), created a study group for small children or children's forum (katong work) from 2015 where they can learn, play, and do the fun things they deserve with the hope that these children can have the same knowledge as other children, who attend school in general.



Puteri Indonesia DKI Jakarta 2 Saira Saima

Saira Saima is 25 years old and works as a Model, Talent & Freelance Recruitment Consultant, a young woman, who always loves to learn and explore herself. Saira runs her advocacy "Love and Appreciate Yourself" which aims to reach people to provide self-confidence and informative content on Mental Health.

She aims at providing education and sharing informative assistance to ease their burden by improving the quality of life of the community with confidence and doing what's best for those around us.



Puteri Indonesia Banten 2 Shinta Yuliasmi

25-year-old Shinta is an Entrepreneur and Master Program Student in Industrial Engineering at Binus University, with an educational background in Business Management, and currently works as a Senior Flight Attendant for International and Domestic Flights at Batik Air.

To develop the potential and knowledge of business management, Shinta built a micro-business in the culinary field, namely ‘Dapur Mbak Shinta’ and ‘Baksonya Mbak Pramugari’, where one of the goals of this micro-business is In addition to marketing healthy and traditional Indonesian food, it is also intended to help increase employment opportunities for underprivileged local communities.

Shinta also has concern and advocacy for social life. "I initiated a non-profit organization HOPE INDONESIA which is a social community that cares about the lives of underprivileged children and provides various education and health advocacy and assistance to the community, including repairing places of worship and education in communities with limited economic capacity,” she shared.

"Being part of Puteri Indonesia is a matter of pride and honor for me. And I hope and pray that through Putri Indonesia, God willing, I can play a more active role in addition to encouraging Indonesian tourism to become the main destination for foreign tourists, as well as being able to provide advocacy and assistance to people who need help. Underprivileged, women and street children so that they can live decently like other Indonesian people,” she adds.



Puteri Indonesia Jambi 2022 Bela Dalimi

Bela is a law graduate from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia and is currently focusing on establishing and leading the Inov8 Learning Center. Bela is also the Head of Community Relations in a women's empowerment community called We Are Sisters, a women's empowerment community that focuses on providing a comfortable and safe space for women to share their opinions, share experiences, and learn from the problems or stigma experienced by women.

For her, Puteri Indonesia is a place to actualize the purpose of her life, namely to share the experiences and lessons that Bela experienced so that anyone who hears can learn from the failures or successes she has gone through. Bela believes that the Puteri Indonesia Foundation, which has been trusted by the community, can help break the stigma against women and voice the ancestral values ??of the Indonesian nation.