Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 Finals on June 25’ 2016

30 Apr 2016 | Angelopedia

And the much awaited and anticipated pageant of Brazil is finally here – Miss Mundo Brasil 2016. The finale of Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 is scheduled to be held on June 25’ 2016 in Jurerê Internacional – Florianópolis. The winner of Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 (also known as Miss World Brazil 2016) will represent her country at the Miss World 2016 pageant.

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Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 Finals on June 25’ 2016


So far, 32 finalists have been shortlisted from different regions of Brazil to compete at the Miss World Brazil 2016 pageant. The shortlisted contestants of Miss Mundo Brasil 2016 are –

Jucyelly Pereira, Tayana Maia, Lavínia Muniz Calumby, Carolline Torres, Stephany Pim, Beatrice Fontoura, Amanda Barbacena, Mariana Vieira, Taynara Gargantini, Carolina Ermel, Caroline Venturini, Karliany Barbosa, Mariana Andrade, Nayara Guimarães, Isabele Pandini Nogueira, Katiúscia Menezes, Francielly Ouriques, Flaviane Elias, Kimberly Maciel, Jheniffer Ev, Marcela Castro, Gabriela Oliveira Frühauf, Vitória Félix, Jhaddy Hayra, Nayara Silveira, Muriel Prestes, Samen Dos Santos, July Gabardo, Ana Gabriela Borges, Mikaela Freitas, Letícia Angelino, and Nicoli Ideker Lindner.

The reigning Miss Mundo Brasil is Catharina Choi Nunes. She was adjudged the first runner-up at the Miss World Brazil 2015 pageant where Ana Luisa Castro was crowned as the winner. However, Ana was dethroned because she was married to a Belgian model and actor, Tanguy Backer. Marriage is against the laws and regulations of the pageant organization. Catharina was then crowned as the new Miss Mundo Brasil 2016.

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The title of Miss Mundo Brasil creates professional and personal opportunities for its participants. It  opens channels for winners to express their views on various topics in media interviews, provides opportunities for cultural enrichment, and enables them to become a role model for all generations, working tirelessly in the cause of " Beauty with a Purpose".

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