Señorita Panamá 2021 Top 10 Hot Picks

02 Nov 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Señorita Panamá is all set to host the coronation for Señorita Panamá 2021 on 7th November 2021, where delegates from all over the country will compete for the national crown and the chance to represent Panamá at Miss Universe 2021. The winner will succeed Señorita Panamá 2020 Carmen Isabel Jaramillo to represent Panamá at the upcoming Miss Universe 2021 pageant, scheduled to be held in Israel, this December.

While this year’s batch consists of stunning and talented delegates from all over the country, some of the divas have definitely stood out as strong contenders for the title. So, without any further ado, here are our Top 10 favourites for the crown of Señorita Panamá 2021 –

Brenda Smith Señorita Panamá Centro

Among the many names emerging as potential representatives for Panama, Brenda Smith Lezema has popped out as one of the most acclaimed divas by the Panamanian fans for the title of Senorita Panama 2021. Hailing from Ciudad de México, 26 years-old Brenda stands 171 cm tall and has a degree in Journalism and Cultural Studies and is an activist and a lecturer. She is already emerging as a front runner being well-spoken, having a multi-cultural background, having a strong voice and opinions, a catwalk worth millions, and mesmerizing looks.



Ivis Nicole Snyder Señorita Pedasí

Ivis considers herself a visionary woman, who does not conform so easily and who always seeks to be the best of herself. She has a degree in psychology and sociology. She has been a writer since she was 12 years old, she has written 3 books, but she has only published one, called ‘Flowers of light under the earth.’ She is also fluent in Spanish and English. She believes that, “It is always very important to be good on the inside to feel good on the outside."



Katheryn Yejas Señorita Taboga

Katheryn is one of the most talented and impressive girls among this year’s class. She is a dancer, choreographer and a professional makeup artist as she runs her own page where she showcases her skills. She is also a part of a professional dance crew, called Trokis Crew. She has been the most talked about contestant this year ever since the divas started preparing for their catwalk and has made her mark with stellar performances till now.



Cecilia Medina Señorita Casco Antiguo

Cecilia Del Carmen Medina is emerging as one of the favourites for the crown as she has showcased immense potential and zeal to represent Panama at Miss Universe 2021. She is 26-years-old and has a degree in Logistics and Multimodal Transportation. The beauty queen is confident, strong, and determined to achieve her goals, which are currently to represent Panama in an international competition. She is passionate about beauty pageants and believes that beauty pageants are progressive as they provide divas with a platform to work hard, stay focused, and work for the cause they believe in.



Ana Sofía Effio Amores Señorita Santa Catalina

Representing Santa Catalina, Ana mentioned, “I live without plans, without pressure, without haste. I live full of laughter, love, gratitude, stories that shock my soul. I live allowing myself every day to be without pretending, I live in love with progress, with transformation. I live allowing myself to live again and again.” A free spirited soul, Ana is making her way to among the top with her stunning looks and pageant skillset.



Valeria Solanilla Señorita Colón

Valeria Solanilla’s fabulous beauty has been the talk of town since the national pageant began. This aspiring Miss Panama 2021 is a professional model and an Environmental Biology student. As she stepped into the final leg of the competition, she thanked he advisers who have been with her since day one, her followers and to her Colonence people, who have been supporting her throughout. She hopes to go on with everything for the finale night.



Julia Marina Leong Señorita Panamá Oeste

Julia is a lover of photography and is a professional model herself. In addition, she is a student of Finance and International Business. As a queen, she aspires to inspire and involve young people with culture and traditions. She says, “My generation is losing that love for their country, their customs. It is very beautiful to show that young people are also part of history and loving every part of being Panamanian.”



Hillary Watson Señorita Isla Colón

Hillary Watson is a doctor, a profession that identifies her by her love for her neighbor, it should be noted that from her online store she takes a certain percentage for a charity work every year and that she is someone to admire.“Señorita Panamá is a platform that gives me the opportunity to have a voice, for those who do not. I believe a lot in my generation, I believe in my country and I believe in the change we can make. Words from another of my favorites during the personal presentation on the stage,” she shared.



Emilie Guzmán Señorita Archipiélago

A student of Social Communication, Emilie is a professional model and makeup artist. She is fierce, strong and has been a consistent performer so far in the journey. She mentioned that, “Before entering the competition I was a person completely unsure of how my face looked without filters and with even more makeup, participating in this contest I have learned a lot about self-confidence, like walking, etc.” She also shared how the teachers and the training helped her to feel good about herself and love every detail about her life.



Michelle Cuevas Señorita Coiba

Another passionate and worthy representative of Panamanian women, Michelle Cuevas is a strong and stunning diva competing for the coveted crown with hard work and determination. She believes that everything you dream of you can achieve. With the same thought this stunner is definitely rising as a potential contender for the national title.