Brenda Jimenez crowned as the new Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016

18 Mar 2016 | Angelopedia

Brenda Jimenez has been titled as the new Miss Puerto Rico 2016 on March 17’ 2016 at a ceremony  held in San Juan. She was crowned Miss Puerto Rico 2016 after Kristhielee Caride was dethroned due to her dismissive behaviour.    

Brenda Jimenez of Aguadilla is a Puerto Rican model, who stands tall at a towering height of 5’ 10”. The beauty queen possesses an extra-ordinary charm and poise in her personality. She was adjudged the first runner up at the Miss Puerto Rico 2016 contest.

At the event, Brenda Jimenez was presented to the audience by the Director of Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Desiree Lowy. The lady appeared in a strapless dress with a gleaming crown on her head. She was quite shocked because of the sudden decision of the officials. Later on at the ceremony, she was quoted as saying  - “I still haven’t fully processed the information”.


Brenda Jimenez crowned as the new Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016


Director of Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Desiree Lowy says - “I wanted the Earth to swallow me, I saw the damage that this girl was doing to herself and to the organization. I didn't understand why she acted that way.” And also she did not apologize for that.

On the other hand, Kristhielee Caride took to social media to express her side of the story. She wrote an extensive post saying “I want to express my sincere apologies to every single one of the fans that have been there for me since the beginning, my team and the Miss Universe Puerto Rico organization."

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"It was never my intention to hurt or damage the image of everyone that helped me to be where I am today. It is of humans to err, it is also courageous to recognize our errors and I want to continue being an example of a real woman with a purpose that maintains their head held up high in adverse situations of life."

"Hope my experience serves so other girls and pageant organizers can learn. With dignity I accept giving away my title as ambassadors of our island as the organizers and director Desiree Lowry have asked, without agreeing with the decision made, but I will always remember that night of November 12 when I won the title and all the experiences and lovely memories for having been Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016."

Kristhielee Caride was crowned Miss Puerto Rico 2016 at the end of the gala finale held on November 12’ 2015.

Brenda Jimenez, who is also known as Brenda Azaria Jimenez, will now represent Puerto Rico at the upcoming Miss Universe 2016 pageant, wherein she hopes to succeed the reigning Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurztbach of Philippines as Miss Universe 2016.  

What do you think? Does Brenda Jimenez has what it takes to be the next Miss Universe?