Miss World Denmark 2016 Top 5 Hot Picks

16 Sep 2016 | Angelopedia

Miss World Denmark 2016 finale is around the corner. With just one day left for the gala finale, the tension is rising among the finalists, and the question that is running tik tok like a clock is that who will be the fortunate representative for the Miss World 2016 pageant. Amidst the entire hustle bustle and all the excitement, let’s sneak a peek at our Top 5 bets for the finale. So glance down to see who all made it to our list of Top 5 favourites...

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Miss World Denmark 2016 Top 5 favourites


Emma Bjerre Olsen – The first in the list of favourites is 20 years old Emma Bjerre Olsen. This beautiful girl aspires to become a nurse someday. Standing tall at an impressive height of 173cm, Emma loves meeting new people and learning new culture. Her desire to meet new people makes her a congenial person, and which in turn can work for her favour at the pageant. What do you think?

Helena Heuser – Moving on to the next contender, we have 19 years old Helena Heuser. This blue eyed gorgeous beauty is into health and fitness, and the girl follows the mantra of eating healthy and staying fit. Her inclination towards music is noticeable as Helena loves playing the Piano. The beauty loves to socialise and likes making new friends. Her charming personality is heart winning, and hence the girl is one of our best for the crown this year. Is she your favourite too?

Helene Skovsgaard Hansen – Next in line is 21 years old Helene Skovsgaard Hansen. Standing tall at a towering height of 179cm, Helena Hansen’s most attractive features are her grey eyes. Working as a part time model, the beauty loves to be on camera. She dreams travel around the globe in a car or a bike. Her zeal for life and of course the undying charm is what makes her a favourite for the title this year. Are you rooting for Helena Hansen?


Miss World Denmakr 2016 Top 5 favourites


Maria Bøgh – Next in the queue of favourites is 17 years old blonde beauty Maria Bøgh. Maria wants to travel the world to learn more about the international cultures. Her favourite pastime is going out on long walks with her dog and spending time with her family and friends. Her innocent smile and adorably cute face is what attracts us more towards her. Will she be able to win the judges’ hearts with her naive smile?

Nadiya Munk Gügenir – Last but not the least, we have 18 years old smiling beauty Nadiya Munk Gügenir. A student of English and psychology, Nadiya believes in the fitness of both body and mind. Nadiya has a very photogenic face and her love for camera is visible with her way of posing. The brunette with an amiable persona definitely has a shot at the finals if Miss World Denmark 2016. What do you think?

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