Peru’s Pierinna Patiño wins Top Model of the World 2020/2021

06 Mar 2021 | Angelique Reyes

The coronation ceremony for 27th edition of Top Model of The World i.e., Top Model of the World 2020/2021 was held recently in in Hurghada where Pierinna Patiño from Peru was adjudged as the winner at the end of the event finale. The diva has succeeded Top Model of the World 2019-20 Nics Menayo for the title. She is excited to take over the crown duties.

Pierinna is 22-years-old and stands 175 cm tall. She has a degree in Advertising and social networks and currently works as a professional model. She is passionate about beauty pageant and feels blessed and honoured that she had a chance to represent her country at Top Model of the World 2020/2021 and believes that her enthusiasm and perseverance are the qualities that have helped her towards winning the title.



Top Model of the World 2020/2021 Pierinna Patiño’s court includes:

First runner-up: Priscila Valverde from Mexico

Second runner-up: Giselle Archbold Davis from Colombia

The diva was one of the favourites for the title and impressed everyone with her confident and strong performance throughout the competition. She takes immense honour in winning the title of Top Model of the World 2020 for her country and make it a sandwich win as Janet Leyva from Peru was adjudged as the winner at Top Model of the World 2018.

Pierinna mentioned, “My main motivation is me, the desire to achieve goals that I have set for myself to continue growing as a person and professional are what drive me to continue advancing.” She also mentioned that she would like women of today to understand the qualities of tolerance and respect as they are essential qualities of life that one needs to learn in order to keep improving.



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The diva describes herself as spontaneous, confident, and determined towards her goals and believes that she loves to make people around her smile as it transmits an incredible and comforting warmth. She is strong, dedicated, and honest about her goals.

Congratulations queen!