Miss Earth 2015 Top 4 Favourites

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Angelia Ong from Philippines for Miss Earth 2015
Angelia Ong from Philippines for Miss Earth 2015

The pageant has never seen a back to back victory. With Jamie Herrell reigning as Miss Earth, the pressure and anticipations from Angelia are bound to amplify. Hailing from the city of Manila and currently a Tourism Consultant and Marketing Management Student by profession, Angelia is grabbing many medals at various events, she will surely go a long way as she believes: "Don’t let Climate Change rob our future, be the Change to End Climate Change." Her Environmental motto is...

“I chose to continue the advocacy I started when I was just a candidate for Miss Philippines Earth. These were Restoration, Reforestation, minimizing carbon footprints and taking 5R (Rethink, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Respect) by heart which brings me to a campaign I call #WEWILLBECAUSEWECAN. This campaign aims to inspire and educate people on how they can contribute in helping the environment in their own little ways and even through social media. Getting the campaigns online is a strategy to get the message out there and create more awareness. Awareness or identifying the problem is the first step in solving the problem. We have to educate people about the threats of Climate Change because it is only through an educated society can true reform be achieved.”

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