Miss Earth 2015 Top 4 Favourites

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Leena Asarfi from Netherlands for Miss Earth 2015
Leena Asarfi from Netherlands for Miss Earth 2015

Hailing from the city of Amsterdam, Leena is a HR Assistant and Makeup Artist by profession. With the beguiling exotic beauty, Leena emerges a stand out in the crowd easily. Reflecting on the alarming threats of environment, Leena opines: "Let´s keep planet earth alive, by living a green and clean life!" The very conspicuous diva is outshining several other delegates in the race to win the first crown for their countries. Her Environmental motto is...

My environmental advocacy is: reduce of energy. I think it’s important to use less power because it causes global warming/climate change. It’s easy to do this, because you can start this yourself by using less power, for example I use less electronics, using the bike or public transport instead of the car.”

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