Miss Earth 2020 Delegates from Europe

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Kimbery Bosman Miss Earth Belgium 2020
Kimbery Bosman Miss Earth Belgium 2020

Kimbery Bosman was crowned Miss Earth Belgium 2020 on 25th January 2020 and is representing the home country for the title of Miss Earth 2020.

The diva’s advocacy is to spread awareness to reduce plastics as she believes that plastic is still a big issue. She believes that there are plenty alternatives for plastics but we don’t adapt them into our daily life. That’s why we should start using the alternatives now. Instead of using a plastic straw she suggests that we should just use a bamboo straw, or if you go to the grocery store bring your own eco bag. If we make this the new normal it will have a big difference for our environment. Our Earth will become greener and more plastic free.

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