Miss Ecuador 2019 Meet the Contestants

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Meet the Delegates of Miss Ecuador 2019
Meet the Delegates of Miss Ecuador 2019

Miss Ecuador 2019 finale will be held on 8th May 2019 in Machala where twenty one beauties will compete for the national crown and the winner will get the opportunity to represent Ecuador in Miss Universe 2019. Miss Ecuador 2018 Virginia Limongi will crown her successor at the end of the event finale. This will be the 66th edition of the pageant.

The band imposition ceremony was held on 26th February 2019 in Machala. While all the delegates are fierce and competitive, they are still preparing with sincerity and dedication to win the national crown. Even in the preliminary competitions held so far, the delegates have proven their worth with exemplary performances. Last year, Virginia represented Ecuador in Miss Universe 2018 but unfortunately failed to place in the Top 20.

So without further ado, here are the beauties competing for the national crown - Alegría Tobar Cordovés, Mishell Coppiano Argüello, Sonia Luna Menéndez, Eliza Quiñonez Godoy, Susana Rivera Pintado, Sofía Freile Cuadros, Andrea Burneo Ordoñez, Vielka Cañarte Parrales, Geovanna Párraga Arellano, María José Rivera, Valeria Macías Lugo, Alejandra Carvajal Murrieta, Diana Guambaña Reibán, Karen Campoverde, Vivian Quiñonez Córtez, Andreína González Morán, Ana Cevallos Rovere, Mishelle Vega Vivanco, Cristina Hidalgo Berry, Ariana Abad Ricaurte, Annelie Ruíz Buestán.

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