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Aleksandra Śmiałkowska finalist Miss Polonia 2016
Aleksandra Śmiałkowska finalist Miss Polonia 2016

Aleksandra Śmiałkowska is 22 years of age and stands tall at a remarkable height of 170 cms. She hails from Strykow. Her mother is her idol. She explains why she believes she can be the next Miss Polonia, “I am a girl of remarkable, charismatic, responsible and ambitious, but I have to look for all the layers of warmth and empathy. I go through life with a broad smile on his lips, among relatives is known for my sense of humor, and I think that it was such a positive attitude gives me strength. Now I'm firmly focused on the final choices and put a lot of work in preparation. I'm trying to get the most out of this wonderful adventure, and if it turns out that I'll be the new Miss Polonia, I will wear the crown with pride.”

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