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Paulina Rulka finalist Miss Polonia 2016
Paulina Rulka finalist Miss Polonia 2016

Paulina Rulka is 21 years of age and stands tall at a remarkable height of 177 cms. She hails from Lodz where she is studying management at the University of Lodz. She also has 7 years experience as a model. She loves to travel, learn about new cultures and interesting people. The beauty is optimistic. She practices yoga and spend time with her family to rejuvenate herself. When asked why she would like to become Miss Polonia, she says, “From an early age I have familiarity with it, as a little girl for 8 years I danced the dance ensembles. At a later stage of my life I got into the fashion world - from seven years working as a fashion model. To date, 19 countries already visited, I met so many cultures, and I think it's good as the role of delegates at this year's Miss Universe. In addition, I am an open person and contact and full determination on the way to your destination.”

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