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Natalia Koresendowicz finalist Miss Polonia 2016
Natalia Koresendowicz finalist Miss Polonia 2016

Natalia Koresendowicz is 25 years of age and stands tall at a remarkable height of 177 cms. She hails from Ostrowo and works as a model in France. When asked why she can be Miss Polonia, she states, “I am a very warm and genuine. Fail, and I do not have anything to do on the show, I am myself and the people have for me sympathy. I hope that it will be so also in this case. I think the win is based on two factors - appearance and personality. I am a very independent person, I have an interesting life story, I'm not afraid of challenges that it brings me life, I deal with opposites and persistently strive for, since the determination and consistency make us winners.”

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