Miss Universe 2020 Delegates From Asia

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Bernadette Belle Ong Miss Universe Singapore 2020
Bernadette Belle Ong Miss Universe Singapore 2020

Bernadette Belle Ong was appointed Miss Universe Singapore 2020 via a virtual press conference on Miss Universe Singapore Facebook Page. The diva succeeds Miss Universe Singapore 2019 Mohana Prabha for the title.

Bernadette is 26-years-old and stands 170 cm tall; an artist training in Singapore who works as a host, actress, and professional model. The diva explained that one of the unique things about her is the fact that she was able to self-fund her studies at the university in Melbourne. The diva talks about helping migrants in terms of legislative aid, wage rights, improved and proper living conditions, and giving overall support to them. She specifically talks about being there and helping the ones who have faced physical and psychological abuse as a lot of migrant workers face when they travel to a new country.

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