Team Ecuador For International Beauty Pageants in 2021

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Team Ecuador for International Beauty Pageants in 2021
Team Ecuador for International Beauty Pageants in 2021

The divas who have represented Ecuador at international beauty pageants have performed exceptionally well and have been appreciated for their confidence and performance in their respective pageants. Even though Ecuador hasn’t won any international crown since Katherine Espín won Miss Earth in 2016; the divas representing the country in 2021 are determined to perform their best and secure a high position at their respective pageants and make the people of Ecuador proud.

The team of Ecuador for international beauty pageants in 2021 are: Miss Universe Ecuador 2020 Leyla Espinoza, Miss World Ecuador 2020 Ámar Pacheco Ibarra, Miss Grand Ecuador 2020 Sonia Luna, Miss Supranational Ecuador 2020 Justeen Cruz Lara, Miss Intercontinental Ecuador 2020 Paola Belén Zamora Macías, Miss Eco Ecuador 2020 Susan Toledo, and Miss Charm Ecuador 2020 Jocelyn Mieles Zambrano.

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