Meet Ana Choi Miss International Macau 2015

26 Aug 2015 | Angelopedia

Ana Choi is Miss International Macau 2015


24 years old Ana Choi is the new Miss International Macau 2015. The 5’8” tall beauty queen has earned a tourism degree at International Hotel Management Institute in Lucerne, Switzerland and organizes hotel events. Ana will be travelling to Tokyo, Japan to compete in the Miss International pageant.

Ana is fluent in multiple languages and speaks four different languages including, Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Portuguese. She will have to face a tough competition at the internationals given the batch of excellent contenders vying for the title this year. Lindsay Becker from USA, Edymar Martinez from Venezuela and Janicel Lubina from Philippines are among the running favourites for the title of Miss International 2015 pageant.

Macau has been considered as a weak sash in pageantry and has not made any mark so far. Macau has been seen in the Miss World pageant so far and has never placed as a winner at the Miss World. The maximum achievement of Macau so far has been the top 15 slot at the Miss World in the year 2012. Hence, it would be a huge pressure on Ana to prove her worth and bring home the very first international crown for Macau. All eyes and hopes of Macau fans, now rest on Ana. Coming to your valuable opinion, what do you think? Where do you see Macau this year at the Miss International 2015 pageant..??