Meet Eliana Villegas Arellano Nuestra Belleza Zacatecas 2015

25 Aug 2015 | Angelopedia

Meet Eliana Villegas Arellano Nuestra Belleza Zacatecas 2015


Nuestra Belleza Zacatecas 2015 was held on July 3 in the municipality of Caleras, with 10 participants competing for the state crown in the Convention Center Ezequiel A. Duenas. The winner is 22 years old, Eliana Arellano Villegas, and she will now represent Zacatecas in the Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2015. She hails from Florencia.

She was the person with charisma, personality, intelligence and above all beauty.

Among the stages of selection, participants had to rampwalk in casual dresses, swimsuits and evening gowns, in the latter was where a round of questions and answers happened that allowed the contestants to show their beauty and intelligence.

The event was attended by Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2014, Wendoly Esparza; as well as Tourism Minister Pedro Inguanzo Gonzalez; ISSSTEZAC director Victor Renteria; the regional manager of Televisa, and a large group of mayors.

Eliana Villegas, continues to be strong and enthusiastic to face the national pageant.

She exemplifies a smart and a confident girl. With her preparation in full swing, the gorgeous Eliana will be a tough competitor at the Nuestra Belleza Mexico 2015.