Miss Earth India 2016 Finalists Planning To Sue after Unfair Coronation

04 Oct 2016 | Angelopedia

The winner announcement of Miss Earth India 2016 infuriated the finalists, who were ready to walk the ramp for their introduction round, when they were abruptly called on stage and Rashi Yadav was declared the winner.

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It has been observed that the Facebook page of the pageant did not post any updates. The sources are saying that the sponsors backed out at the last moment as a court order from a Bangalore based company forced the pageant to stop midway through the grand finale. What the contestants are saying is much more!


Angry Finalists Plan To Sue Miss Earth India Organisation


It has been revealed that the organisation had not managed schedules or hosted the pageant in their best efforts at all. The contestants, who were selected about 3 months ago, were not prepared according to any proper agenda. It has also been reported that the girls were not even reimbursed the travel costs during the pageantry.

With the finale getting rescheduled a number of times, and then finally not even being hosted properly on the 3rd of October at the Ramada Gurgaon Central in Delhi, the abrupt coronation ceremony of Rashi Yadav was obvious to receive such negative reviews. The contestants say that they do not have a problem with Rashi winning the contest, but that for winning there should have been a contest first.

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The contestants were only waiting for the introduction round to start when they were called on to stage and Rashi Yadav was crowned as Miss Earth India 2016. The furious contestants are now planning to sue the organisation for an unfair competition.

For the finalists of the beauty pageant, it has been a waste of time to participate in such a disorganised pageantry show. The disappointed contestants are not ready to let the matter go without getting justified.