Binibining Pilipinas queens celebrate Philippines’ 122nd Independence Day

15 Jun 2020 | Angelique Reyes

Known as “Araw ng Kasarinlan” or “Day of Freedom”, 12th June is the Philippines Independence Day. The Philippines is celebrating today the 122nd anniversary of its independence from Spanish occupation, which spanned over three centuries. This year, many events are turning virtual due to social distancing restrictions but the Binibining queens found their own ways to celebrate their country’s independence. They have used this day to speak about how it is important for the youth to understand the core values of the country.

Binibining Pilipinas Grand International Maria Andrea Abesamis stated that the pandemic is relevant to their Independence Day as people will come out stronger and positive after going through so much just like the people did during their country’s independence. This pandemic has taught everyone to be resilient in terms of looking out for each other, helping and being optimistic towards life no matter what the challenge and circumstances are.


Maria Andrea Abesamis


Emma Mary Tigalo who was crowned Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental 2019 had a similar view where she mentioned that the pandemic has been an “unmatched” situation across the globe but the challenges and circumstances make us remember the battles fought by the ancestors for the country. “I have faith that together we can overcome this pandemic. Not even the physical distance can keep us apart in our hearts and in spirit,” she said. Emma also mentioned that this is the time to celebrate strength, resilience, ‘bayanihan,’ and resourcefulness of Filipinos, and to pay tribute to the thousands of dedicated healthcare workers who are out there risking their lives so they can help save the lives of other.


Emma Mary Tiglao


Carrying on with Emma’s statement, Miss Globe Second runner-up Leren Mae Bautista stated that, “let our celebration of Independence Day be a reminder to give appreciation to our modern-day heroes, our front liners. And that during this pandemic, now is the time for solidarity, unity and hope.”

The queens also mentioned that as beauty queen title holders they feel that their voice can be heard across the world and that’s their power and they are trying their best to use their power in all the right ways especially in times like the pandemic. Mae mentioned that the current situation has made her realise that what the countrymen has done for the freedom and that gives her hope that one day, the country will unite and get past the challenge one is facing today.


Leren Mae Bautista


Emma also mentioned that representing her country at international stage has been an honour for her and she feels that the Independence Day celebration is a perfect time to look back to the past with gratitude, to celebrate and thank all the Filipinos and Filipinas who have worked hard to make this day special. She also asked: “Isn’t it nice that we have the freedom to express ourselves, to be who we want to be, and to be given different opportunities?”

The queens who represented the Philippines at international stage feels that their stature brings in a lot of responsibilities to help the youth of the country walk on the right path. “With or without any festivities, I remain hopeful that the younger Filipino generations will continue to learn from our nation’s past. Our country has had a long history of struggle for independence, to be free. We have come a long way and it’s something that we should never take for granted,” Tiglao shared.

Abesamis agreeing to Emma’s statement stated that through such celebrations, the youth of the country may clearly understand the history and how challenging the situations must have been in the past for everyone to be united as Filipinos and uplift everything locally and internationally. For Bautista, the Independence Day “is a reminder for every Juan about the journey that we Filipinos have gone through to claim our land as our own and to gain the rights that we deserve. With what’s happening in our country right now, all of us especially the youth must understand that we shouldn’t turn a blind eye, we must protect our rights and our freedom.”