Elizabeth Clenci Miss Grand International Philippines 2017 our favourite for Miss Grand International 2017

12 Oct 2017 | Angelopedia

Next on our list of Top 25 favourites for Miss Grand International 1017 is Elizabeth Clenci (aka Elizabeth Durado Clenci or 'Liz'), Miss Grand Philippines 2017, who is definitely turning the heat on since her arrival in Vietnam for the pageant.

The Filipino-Australian beauty from Mandaue, Cebu is 26 years old, weighs 52 kg and has admirable vitals of 35-24-36. The lovely music major is a session bassist and singer, who also play guitar and piano while writing and composing songs. A big fan of Marvin Gaye, she won hearts with a display of her musical talent during the welcome ceremony of MGI 2017 where she performed a Fleetwood MAC song number.

She loves to chill in her ‘me’ time with reading, cooking, and travelling. Playing tennis is one of her favourite hobbies. Elizabeth also loves being outdoors, especially at a beach.


Elizabeth Clenci Miss Grand International Philippines 2017


She was crowned Miss Grand Philippines 2017 at the finale of Binibining Pilipinas 2017 held in April 2017. It was her second time competing in Binibining Pilipinas competition, the first time being back in 2011. Shamcey Supsup won the title of Miss Universe Philippines that year. In an interview with the Philippine Star, Liz said she saw the second chance as very different for her, adding that maturity has played a role in her most recent foray into the pageant world.

During the interview with reporters in September, Liz said one of the things she took time to prepare for was always putting on makeup as she prefers to do without it. "I think we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. And personally, that's what I've been focusing on, that what I can improve on the most. I mean we all have been doing overall training but like I said for me, it's always been hair and makeup. But I'm still focusing on everything. There's always an improvement," she said.

She faced probably the most challenging time of her life when she experienced severe eczema, and at that time her dream of becoming a beauty queen was almost shattered. “In recent years, out of nowhere, my body erupted in severe eczema. It was the most agonizing year and a half of my life, everything became painful. I invested thousands of dollars and precious time with multiple doctors and specialists who just vaguely addressed my case. One doctor even told me that this is how I would live the rest of my life. In my heart, I knew this wasn't true and there was some way. Having a background and interest in natural health I was able to eventually completely heal myself. Taking the natural route meant that healing wasn't going to happen overnight, and took a year of slow yet sure healing. My experience taught me patience and trust. I had to trust my instincts knowing that I was making the right decision that led to true healing. It also showed my determination to strive and push for my goals. I proved all the non-believers who said I couldn't ... that I could, and I learned that above everything, believe in yourself and trust yourself.” said the flawless beauty while sharing her traumatic experience.

Elizabeth has been turning heads in the contest with her unmatched style and outfit choices which are carefully chosen by the beauty herself. She stood out during the dinner reception in her red gown which was simple yet chic, while her deep blue dress in the official portrait shoot could not be any more graceful. She is amongst the audience favourite as per the online voting conducted by MGI organization.

As always, Philippines has chosen a candidate who has the face, figure, attitude and personality of a true beauty queen, and most important of all ability to fight back in life!

You can like her, you may not like her - but there is nothing which can stop her from making her way to the Top 20 finalists in this competition, and she may eventually make her country proud by being the first ever Miss Grand International winner from the Philippines.

Is she your favourite candidate too?