Beauty Talks with Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 Finalist Jeanne Molenaar

01 May 2018 | Priya Bhardwaj

Beauty Talks with Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 Finalist Jeanne Molenaar


Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 took a rocking start with twelve finalists. However, due to an unfortunate turn of events, one of the finalists, Deborah Van Hemert, had to back off. Now, only 11 finalists remain as the coronation night nears us.

The 11 finalists are enjoying every bit of the pageant and are working hard to get closer to the crown. The reigning queen Miss Grand Netherlands 2017, Kelly Van Den Dungen is also spending time with the delegates, giving them tips and sharing her own experience with the girls. The candidates of Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 also had a chance to enjoy an official photo shoot with the reigning queen.

But, it’s time we get to know each and every one of them personally. So here is Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 finalist Jeanne Molenaar’s future plans, and past struggles.

Q. How does it feel to be a delegate of Miss Grand Netherlands 2018?

At the moment I’m living a very fulfilling life. Although I’ve never participated in a beauty contest before I feel right at home during the preparations. I’ve met a lot of kind contestants. Meeting new people, searching for new trends in make-up and fashion is something I adore.

My daily life is centered on my life’s work as a nurse. Since I think it is important to build relationships on trust I provide my patients with all the love and care, even when that is sometimes difficult. A lifelong dream can now be fulfilled: becoming a model! The road to this goal is paved with charity too. Being a model, being pretty is not the only goal.

During the competition and promotion I strive to give the people around me a deeper message. The two things I like the most. Howe awesome can it be!?


Q. What is the best lesson you’ve learnt that has shaped your life?

When I was younger, I used to get bullied. This made me very insecure, and I didn’t love myself anymore. It took many years to get my confidence back. Over the years I learned to trust people more and knowing that there are still nice and generous people.

Because of this I’ve learned to love and enjoy my life and to be kind to others.

Something as simple as a smile can brighten someone's day!


Q. What is the one thing that keeps you going and inspires you to be the best version of yourself?

In my profession you see a lot of people who are ill and pass away. Some people inspire you; they endure so much and still remain positive and kind to others. Honestly, I think it’s admirable.

For me, there are kind people around me who support me and bring out the best in me there is so much misery in this world, which makes me realize to cherish what we have.


Beauty Talks with Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 Finalist Jeanne Molenaar


Q. Other than the Miss Grand Netherlands crown, what do you want to achieve from this competition?

I want to become proud of myself and I want to do good for others. Raise awareness for people who need it.

To be a famous model is also something I want to achieve.


Q. We’re sure that this competition is just another milestone in your life. What is that one thing that you consider your life goal?

To spread some care, attention and love to the people around me and my (future) family.


Q. How would you like to represent yourself at the national stage at Miss Grand Netherlands 2018?

As a sweet and elegant village girl who lives by high normal standards.


Q. Who is your idol, and what values of theirs do you wish you could inculcate in your own life, and teach the next generation?

Beyoncé is my idol, because she breathes respect to all. Whether you’re Caucasian, Afro-American, gay or straight, all people are treated with respect. And she shows this in her lyrics of her songs. She makes a statement about discrimination and she is a real power woman. People who listen to her songs get strength from the lyrics. She is writing history because she is at this moment the most famous female artist who stands up for black people and she lets hear her opinion about discrimination.

The values of her need to be brought to the next generation so there will be less hatred in the world, and more love for each other. And that’s what I am going to do!


Q. If you could be invisible for a day, how would you like to spend it?

I would like to follow Beyoncé for one day. To see if she’s really happy and what her daily life looks like.


Q. Would you like to share your most special childhood memory with us?

There are so many special memories in my childhood. Because I am raised in a loving family. But the most special moment for me, was when I went to a different school, after I was being bullied. In the different school they welcomed me with open arms. That change, that feeling of love from people I had never met before made me realize that for every low there’s a new high. This knowledge made me to the strong person I am today.


Q. What is your advocacy; can you tell us more about it?

May, fourth, and fifth are Dutch Memorial days. During those days thoughts and prayers are sent to the victims of the Second World War. During the fourth we think of the victims and during the fifth we celebrate the liberation of Holland.

The theme van Miss Grand is: ’Stop the war and violence’.

Luckily, Holland knows no war at this moment. Something we should be very thankful of. Because of this gratitude and my strong opinion that freedom is ever so important, I wanted to spread the message of the importance of freedom. While we, Dutch people live in freedom and think this is absolutely our right and virtue, other people suffer day by day. There goes the normality of our situation.

During May, fourth and fifth our creed will be ‘Pass on the freedom’ so this is the time when I want to create awareness amongst our people! How will I do that? By handing out small pins with the national emblem of May, Fourth and Fifth. People can wear these pins of give them to other people and show gratitude for our way of life. Furthermore I want to know what the Dutch people think about all this and how they experience their freedom.


Q. What is the one thing you can label as your guilty pleasure?

Don’t tell anyone, but, secretly, I sing and dance to guilty pleasure music. You can always wake me for a good old Disney-classic. Yes, even at midnight.


Q. If you are granted 3 wishes right now, what would you ask for?

Sorry to go with the clichés, but I wish for a warless world full of health and prosperity. On a side-note I could just ask the genie in the bottle for the largest walk-in closet of the world. Filled of course with the finest dresses and all! Girls will be girls…


Q. Lastly, is there any message that you would like to give to your fans at Angelopedia?

Go with the clichés. Stay calm and be yourself, everybody else is taken! See the good and the worth in everybody and everything. Feel the appreciation for each new day that you can spend in freedom, in health and with love. Mythical cliché, but still my truth to you all.

Be yourself and be happy about it.