Beauty Talks with Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 Finalist Jessica Wohrmann

01 May 2018 | Priya Bhardwaj

Beauty Talks with Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 Finalist Jessica Wohrmann


Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 took a rocking start with twelve finalists. However, due to an unfortunate turn of events, one of the finalists, Deborah Van Hemert, had to back off. Now, only 11 finalists remain as the coronation night nears us.

The 11 finalists are enjoying every bit of the pageant and are working hard to get closer to the crown. The reigning queen Miss Grand Netherlands 2017, Kelly Van Den Dungen is also spending time with the delegates, giving them tips and sharing her own experience with the girls. The candidates of Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 also had a chance to enjoy an official photo shoot with the reigning queen.

But, it’s time we get to know each and every one of them personally. So here is Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 finalist Jessica Wohrmann’s future plans, and past struggles.


Q. How does it feel to be a delegate of Miss Grand Netherlands 2018?

I feel honoured that I got this opportunity and it gives me an incredible feeling to be part of this adventure. I also know that Miss Grand gives us a lot of opportunities to learn and develop yourself as a person.


Q. What is the best lesson you’ve learnt that has shaped your life?

The impact of experiences in life shapes the way you spend it. The best lesson that I have learned in my life is to learn from and listen to others. I travelled all around the world and met a lot of different cultures that I respect a lot. The experience of traveling is something that shaped my life and showed me to appreciate things in life more than ever.


Q. What is the one thing that keeps you going and inspires you to be the best version of yourself?

I’m an ambitious person and I love the world. The world has so many things to offer. Because of the traveling I also started working for different charity’s to make the world a better place.


Beauty Talks with Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 Finalist Jessica Wohrmann


Q. Other than the Miss Grand Netherlands crown, what do you want to achieve from this competition?

Of course it’s my dream to represent the Netherlands on the big stage of Miss Grand International, but one of the other goals is to show people how important pageants are for charities in the world. The word “Miss” means to me to be a role-model for the younger generation to inspire them and show them what the world has to offer, but also to encourage self-realization and improvement of life.


Q. We’re sure that this competition is just another milestone in your life. What is that one thing that you consider your life goal?

The thing that I consider my life goal is to live a life with fulfillment. I always seek new goals in my life and I try to balance it with doing things for myself but also doing things for others.


Q. How would you like to represent yourself at the national stage at Miss Grand Netherlands 2018?

The qualities that I have as a person are to be spontaneous, open-minded and ambitious. I love to listen to others, so that I can learn from them and I love sharing my experiences. I am eager to learn and I will work hard to be top fit on that stage and prepare myself for the big final.


Q. Who is your ideal, and what values of theirs do you wish you could inculcate in your own life, and teach the next generation?

My parents are definitely my inspiration. They always taught me and my brother to work hard for what we wanted and be grateful for the things that you get in life. Enjoy every day and try to be as positive as possible so that you can inspire other people.


Beauty Talks with Miss Grand Netherlands 2018 Finalist Jessica Wohrmann


Q. If you could be invisible for a day, how would you like to spend?

Haha, this is a good one. I think I would go and walk around in the jungle. This probably sounds weird but I love wild animals. How cool would it be to sit next to a tiger in the wild without him seeing you? I would absolutely love it.


Q. Would you like to share your most special childhood memory with us?

Well, I have a lot of special childhood memories. I will share a positive and happy one with you. Me, my younger brother and my parents went on a Halloween holiday in Annecy, France. I think this is my favorite place in France since that holiday. We went there to bike and walk outside, just me together with my family. It doesn’t sound that special, but now that I’m writing this, I’m reliving it all over and I have a huge smile on my face.


Q. What is your advocacy; can you tell us more about it?

I stand for believing in others and myself, trying to make the world a better place and definitely enjoying life and be grateful.


Q. What is the one thing you can label as your guilty pleasure?

Oehh, definitely Tony’s Chocolate. The one with sea salt and caramel, you can wake me up for this one!


Q. If you are granted 3 wishes right now, what would you ask for?

The first one would be, to have a clean sea. I’m a rescue diver and only under the surface you can see how bad we are treating our world at the moment.

The second one is to live a long and happy life. I know, it sounds cliché but after this interview you can definitely notice that I’m a world lover so yes, I want to see all of it.

The last one is to erase war in the world. There is nothing so senseless than war and I absolutely don’t get it why people want to hurt other ones. That’s also why my charity this year is War Child.


Q. Lastly, is there any message that you would like to give to your fans at Angelopedia?

Yes, absolutely! Try to write down a positive thing every day of your life and influence others around you. Together we can make our dreams come true and make the world a better place!