Gresya Amanda Maaliwuga Miss Supranational Indonesia 2015

22 Feb 2015 | Angelopedia

On the Grand Finale eve of Puteri Indonesia 2015 held on February 20th 2015 at the Jakarta Convention Center, 19 years old Gresya Amanda Maaliwuga, who hails from Sulawesi Utara, was declared the Second Runner-up. She was awarded the title of Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata 2015 or Miss Supranational Indonesia 2015 and will go on to represent Indonesia at Miss Supranational 2015 pageant.

At the same event, Anindya Kusuma Putri from Jawa Tengah was crowned as the winner of Puteri Indonesia 2015 or Miss Universe Indonesia 2015 and Chintya Fabyola from Kalimantan Barat was crowned Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2015 or Miss International Indonesia 2015.


Gresya Amanda Miss Supranational 2015


Gresya Amanda Maaliwuga, born on May 27, 1995, is a Management student and loves to read and dance. She also has an inclination towards art and enjoys drawing. After winning the title of Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata 2015, Gresya now has stepped in the shoes of Estelita Liana, the previous year winner.

The 21 years old beauty, Estelita Liana, who won the title of Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata 2014, last year, has prospered her country with admirations during her reign. She represented Indonesia in the Miss Supranational 2014 pageant, and won the Special Award for Best National Costume. Her National Costume at Miss Supranational 2014 represented “Warrior Princess of Borneo”, which was intricately decorated like a Hornbill. Among the 76 other national costumes unveiled by contestants from varied countries, Indonesia’s costume themed Warrior Princess of Borneo, accredited maximum attention.


Gresya Amanda Miss SUpranational 2015


With an astounding performance of Estelita Liana during her reign and her achievement at the Miss Supranational 2014 pageant, Indonesia will now obligate higher anticipations and great hopes from her successor Gresya Amanda Maaliwuga. As Estelita Liana passes on the grandeur title and courteous responsibility of representing the nation on an international platform like Miss Supranational, fans of Indonesia now lay their expectations on Gresya to outperform her predecessor. Will Indonesia manage the Special Award for national costume at Miss Supranational 2015 this time too? Will Gresya bring home the prestigious crown of Miss Supranational 2015? Only time will tell…!!