Guide to a Successful Question and Answer Round at Beauty Pageants

29 Mar 2017 | Angelopedia

Talking of beauty pageants, the first thing that comes to our mind is toned body, beautiful looks and long locks. But ask the participants, and you will know that it is much beyond that. Besides hitting the gym and maintaining a strict diet, the contestants need enough training on how to handle the Question & Answers Round with poise.

This is one of the most crucial round in which the participant has to satisfy the judges just by knowledge and the right choice of words. While recollecting from the past we remember the year 1994 where we saw Sushmita Sen winning the Miss Universe crown just by answering the questions by blending facts with emotion.


Guide to a Successful Question and Answer Round at Beauty Pageants


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In my opinion, to get though with this particular bit of question and answers round, one must remember certain things. First being you should be a good listener. If one does not listen carefully to the question asked, then one won’t even understand the perspective, and might end up goofing up the answer.

Secondly, one should take care of the posture while answering. You should not stoop or bend down towards the front even when the mic is placed low; stooping down gives an impression of lack of confidence.
Third, many a time contestants think that they can answer a question without any preparation and just by common sense. This is an absolute no-no. Not everything can be answered with common sense. Certain current, political and international issues need a study before speaking about them. It is always better to be prepared than to mess up.

Fourth, one should know how to control the rate of speech. Once you are up on the stage, it is quite obvious that your body is giving you an adrenaline rush. But hold on; maintain the poise. Break you statement into small sentences. Speak slowly to avoid fumbling and grammatical errors.

Fifth, choose gratitude over fear. Once the question has been asked, thank the judges for the question. You can also compliment as to how brilliant a question that is. Start by answering to the host who is up on the stage with you, then to the judges, then to the audience, then the camera capturing and finally going back the host once you are about to end the answer. By this, you manage to keep all the eyes on you.

It is not easy as it might look like but you can always remember these points. Just as an opinion all the authorities arranging any kind of pageant should give some special importance on training the contestants with this. Embracing a crown is not a child’s play. It is a full time responsibility towards the society and to ones’ self.

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By saying that if you think I have missed something, would request you to add your opinion in the comment section below.