Puteri Indonesia 2017 Top 6 Hot Picks

29 Mar 2017 | Angelopedia

Puteri Indonesia 2017 is on its road to the finale and is scheduled to be held on 31st March 2017. At the conclusion of the finale, Puteri Indonesia 2016 KeziaWarouw of North Sulawesi will crown her successor. This will be the 21st edition of Puteri Indonesia, and 39 finalists are competing to clinch the coveted title. One fortunate winner will earn the right to represent the country at Miss Universe 2017 pageant. In just 2 days, we will have a representative from Indonesia for Miss Universe 2017, but to spice up the excitement a bit, we bring you our Top 6 favourites for the crown, listed alphabetically...


Puteri Indonesia 2017 Top 6 Hot Picks


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Bunga Jalitha – First in the line of favourite is 25 year old Bunga Jelitha Ibrani. Standing tall at 180cm, Bunga is a model by profession. Describing herself, Bunga says that she is a shy person who takes time to socialise with people. She has always been interested in modelling and has had her share of experience. She grabbed the 1st Place in Gading Model Search 2005, and represented Indonesia at Asian Model Search 2011 in Singapore. It is her dream to see her parents happy. Bunga describes herself as focussed, but also enjoys trying new things to bring versatility in life.

Evelyne Yuliessia – Moving on to our next favourite for the title of Puteri Indonesia 2017, we have 24 year old Evelyne Yuliessia. Standing tall at a towering height of 183cm, Evelyne was bullied during her school days, for her height. Now a renowned model in the country, Evelyne is a student of Public Relations, and wants to work for the benefit of Indonesian people. 

Karina Nadila – Next in the line of favourites of Puteri Indonesia 2017 is 24 year old Karina Nadila. Standing tall at 170cm, Karina is a Bachelor of Economics in Accounting. Describing herself as a bold woman who is determined and independent in her life, Karina was raised in a family who taught her that nothing comes easy in life. Her biggest dream is to become a beauty queen. She always tries to prepare herself to be the best version of herself.


Puteri Indonesia 2017 Top 6 Hot Picks


Kevin Liliana – Making way to the next favourite of Puteri Indonesia 2017, we have 21 year old Kevin Liliana. Standing at a height of 174cm, Kevin is a student of Interior Designing. Kevin realises that she has a men’s name and the reason is that her parents were inspired by the movie Home Alone. She aspires to open an organisation where she can promote art and culture among the children of Indonesia. Her naive personality and innocent face will surely win the hearts of the judges is what we think.

Puji Chegana – Next in the queue of favourite is 20 year old Puji Chegana. Standing tall at 176cm, Puji describes herself as someone who is very punctual. The beauty queen follows a time table and does everything according to a routine. She aspires to be a designer someday, and wants to create something interesting someday. Puji loves travelling and exploring new places. Like any other girl, she also enjoys shopping.

Putri Mentari – Last but not the least, we have 22 year old Putri Mentari, standing tall at 169cm. She is a student of medical, and describes herself as a focused individual who dreams of fulfilling her parents’ goal. She wants to open a beauty clinic for all and provide natural treatment. She finds a sense of happiness when she sees her family and friends happy.

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