Kaci Fennell Miss Universe Jamaica 2014, a near miss!

27 Jan 2015 | Angelopedia

Kaci Fennel Miss Universe Jamaica 2014


Miss Universe 2014 finally comes to an end and the world found its 63rd Miss Universe in Colombia. As Paulina Vega Dieppa was crowned Miss Universe on 25th January at Miami, it took Colombia, 57 years to bring back home the crown. While the win of Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega, was indisputable and undeniably very deserving, there were some serious questions about the low placement of Jamaica.


Miss Universe 2014 Top 5


As the five contestants stood nervously on stage, waiting for the results, it was a moment of anxiety among the audiences and the viewers too. Miss Jamaica, Kaci fennel, who was the crowd favourite, was placed lowest in the Top 5. After her impressive answers during the Q&A round, Kaci made herself noticeable among the audiences, and everyone expected her to be positioned on Top 2. When Kaci was announced as the fourth runner up, there was a few seconds of awkwardness among the crowd, followed by disappointment and booed response.


Kaci Fennel Miss Universe jamaica 2014 being lifted


Post the crowning moment, Kaci was applauded and lifted by her fellow contestants, which showed that her co contestants were in high spirits and were happy for her making it to Top 5.


What do you think about Jamaica’s placement as Fourth Runner up?