Alexandra Hauthaler Miss Salzburg 2017- Know more about the beauty

30 Jun 2017 | Angelopedia

20 years ago, a little girl was born in Salzburg, not knowing where she was going and not realizing that she will qualify for the Miss Austria Election 2017 in one go or not. Since your luck has no boundaries, she finally qualified for Miss Austria 2017.


Alexandra Hauthaler Miss Salzburg 2017- know more about the beauty


For twelve years while studying in school she involved herself in following her passion for music, and found a wonderful second home in the great capital of Vienna. In addition to practicing music on the piano, guitar and singing as well, she made sports her hobby for her life and of course for maintaining the figure.

Whether it is to lift weights in the gym or walk in nature, she included everything in her hobby book. She strongly believes that wherever she is today is only because of her efforts.

According to Alexandra, best friends always play an important role and without their support, she would never have achieved much and would not have gone for the "Miss Salzburg election".

On this point, her great love for traveling is by no means to be forgotten because she believes that People do not make travel in fact travel makes people.

“Till here, I've done it and it's more than I ever dreamed of, but the "bite" is getting bigger and smoother. So I will fight to fulfill my dream of the title of Miss Austria and to help make our little world a bit better”, she said

Her word of advice - Once you learn how to create your own happiness, no one can take it away from you.