Miss Earth Beauty Pageant Winners and Some Interesting Facts

29 Nov 2022 | Angelopedia

Mina Sue Choi Miss Earth 2022 from South Korea


Miss Earth commenced in the year 2001, and the first crowned winner of the pageant was Catharina Svensson from Denmark.

Let's see some interesting facts about Miss Earth pageant and its winners -

a) First time winners from each continent are - Catharina Svensson (Denmark, Europe) Miss Earth 2001, Winfred Omwakwe (Kenya, Africa) Miss Earth 2002, Dania Prince (Honduras, North America) Miss Earth 2003, Priscilla Meirelles (Brazil, South America) Miss Earth 2004, and Karla Henry (Philippines, Asia) Miss Earth 2008.

b) No girl from Oceania has managed so far to win the title of Miss Earth.

c) The Philippines has so far won maximum Miss Earth titles (4), and as a continent, South America has won maximum titles so far (7).

d) Džejla Glavovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only Miss Earth winner to be dethroned and was replaced by Winfred Omwakwe from Kenya

e) Vietnam became the first country to host the Miss Earth pageant outside Philippines in the year 2010.

f) Austria became the first European country to host Miss Earth pageant in the year 2015.


Destiny Wagner


g) In the first edition of Miss Earth pageant, the title Miss Earth Wind was awarded to the first runner-up, which was changed to Miss Earth Air from the second edition onwards.

h) Miss Earth ranks number three in the list of major international pageants (after Miss World and Miss Universe) on the basis of the number of countries competing.

i) Miss Earth is the only major international pageant which has individual titles for the runners-up - Miss Earth Air, Water and Fire for first, second and third runner-up respectively.

j) Destiny Wagner of Belize was crowned Miss Earth 2021 on 21st November 2021 conducted virtually for the second time in a row. This is the first time Belize won the Miss Earth pageant.


Lindsey Marie Coffee


Let's look at the past winners/ titleholders of Miss World till date -

Catharina Svensson Miss Earth 2001 from Denmark

Winfred Omwakwe Miss Earth 2002 from Kenya

Dania Prince Miss Earth 2003 from Honduras

Priscilla Meirelles Miss Earth 2004 from Brazil

Alexandra Braun Miss Earth 2005 from Venezuela


Karen Ibasco


Hil Hernández Miss Earth 2006 from Chile

Jessica Trisko Miss Earth 2007 from Canada

Karla Henry Miss Earth 2008 from Philippines

Larissa Ramos Miss Earth 2009 from Brazil

Nicole Faria Miss Earth 2010 from India

Olga Alava Miss Earth 2011 from Ecuador

Tereza Fajksova Miss Earth 2012 from Czech Republic

Alyz Henrich Miss Earth 2013 from Venezuela

Jamie Herrell Miss Earth 2014 from Philippines

Angelia Ong Miss Earth 2015 from Philippines

Katherine Espín Miss Earth 2016 from Ecuador

Karen Ibasco Miss Earth 2017 from Philippines

Phuong Khánh Nguyen Miss Earth 2018 from Vietnam

Nellys Pimentel Miss Earth 2019 from Puerto Rico

Lindsey Coffey Miss Earth 2020 from United States

Destiny Wagner Miss Earth 2021 from Belize

Mina Sue Choi Miss Earth 2022 from South Korea