Miss Earth beauty pageant and its iconic winners

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Historic titleholders of Miss Earth
Historic titleholders of Miss Earth

Miss Earth is an annual Beauty Pageant which is aimed at promoting Environmental Awareness. Carousel Productions organized and launched the first Miss Earth beauty pageant in 2001 to actively promote the preservation of the environment. The pageant winner is expected to be involved in international projects, which are also promoted during the pageant's broadcast. The delegates also take part in tree planting ceremonies, environmental and cultural immersion programs, sponsor visits and tours.

The Philippines leads the pageant with four titles under its belt followed by Ecuador, Venezuela and Brazil with two titles each. Philippines won its first ever title in 2008 when Karla Henry won the crown for her country. Vietnam, Czech Republic, India, Canada, Chile, Honduras, Kenya, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Denmark each hold one title under their belt.

Since its inception, the pageant has mostly been held in the Philippines, either in October or November where contestants from all over the globe compete for the coveted crown. In 2010, the pageant took place outside of Philippines for the first time in Vinpearl Land Amphitheater at Nha Trang, Vietnam. In 2015, the pageant was held for the first time in Europe at Marx Halle in Vienna, Austria.

Here is the list of titleholders/ past winners of Miss Earth beauty pageant from inception in 2001 till now - Catharina Svensson (Denmark), Winfred Omwakwe(Kenya), Dania Prince(Honduras), Priscilla Meirelles(Brazil), Alexandra Braun(Venezuela), Hil Hernandez(Chile), Jessica Trisko(Canada), Karla Henry(Philippines), Larissa Ramos (Brazil), Nicole Faria(India), Olga Alava (Ecuador), Tereza Fajksova (Czech Republic), Alyz Henrich (Venezuela), Jamie Herrell (Philippines), Angelia Ong (Philippines), Katherine Espin (Ecuador), Karen Ibasco (Philippines), Phuong Khanh Nguyen (Vietnam).


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