Miss Earth beauty pageant and its iconic winners

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Priscilla Meirelles Miss Earth 2004 from Brazil
Priscilla Meirelles Miss Earth 2004 from Brazil
Brazilian model, host, actress, environmentalist Priscilla Meirelles was crowned as Miss Earth 2004. She was also crowned Miss Globe 2003, and was a medical student when she won the title. During the Miss Earth 2004, Priscilla also won the Special Award for Miss Photogenic. Meirelles, who enjoys dancing and hosting, co-hosted the Miss Earth pageant coronation night for three succeeding years in the Philippines. During the finale, when Priscilla was asked, “On a quiet night, you could hear the sounds of nature talking to you. What do you think is it’s message and what would you like to tell it back?” Priscilla replied, “What I can hear is that nature is saying that love is missing. Because people don’t respect each other, they don’t respect the nature, they don’t respect life. That’s why nature is reacting to everything that people do to her. Who suffer is us, humankind. And love is what would solve our problem.”
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