Miss Earth beauty pageant and its iconic winners

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Hil Hernandez Miss Earth 2006 from Chile
Hil Hernandez Miss Earth 2006 from Chile
The 2006 edition of Miss Earth beauty pageant was won by Hil Hernández of Chile. Hill studied tourism and took up modelling, then advanced her studies in Journalism. In 2004, she represented Chile at the Miss Model of the World and South American Queen. She was also a contestant at the Miss World Chile in 203and Miss Earth Chile in 2004. In 2005 she won the Miss Earth Chile 2005, and finally won the Miss Earth 2006 title. During the finale, when Hil was asked, "What effort must the country’s government exert to stop global warming?" She said, "We have to educate the people on global warming. We should help them to control pollution, create global consciousness. Bigger industries are involved here. You run the economy, now it is your turn to take care of Mother Earth". 
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