Miss Earth beauty pageant and its iconic winners

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Karla Henry Miss Earth 2008 from Philippines
Karla Henry Miss Earth 2008 from Philippines

The eighth edition of the Miss Earth pageant was won by Philippines’ bet Karla Henry. Karla also won five special major and minor awards: Miss Earth Designers Award, Miss Photogenic, Eagle Express Award, Miss Fontana, Pasigandahan Awards (for Manila). During the finale of Miss Earth 2008, when Karla was asked, “What would you tell US president-elect Barack Obama about the state of the global environment if ever you were to meet him?” Karla answered, “I believe the children are our future’, she added a fresh new context to the line that added to her advantage when she answered, ‘Environmental knowledge is something that all of us must share, but most importantly we must teach the youth that this is something that we should instill in them so that in the near future they will be the ones to take care of our mother Earth.”

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