Miss Earth beauty pageant and its iconic winners

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Tereza Fajksova Miss Earth 2012 from Czech Republic
Tereza Fajksova Miss Earth 2012 from Czech Republic
Tereza Fajksová won the twelfth edition of the Miss Earth pageant. Fajksová is a Public Administration graduate of Mendel University Brno. Tereza, who was 23 when she was crowned, was a volleyball player before starting her modelling career. She became the first delegate from Czech Republic to win the Miss Earth title. She was unable to answer the final Q&A which was, “What is your defining moment as a woman?” Fajksova, who said she didn’t understand the question, very confidently replied, “I’m so sorry but I don’t understand the question. I will try to send this message: We have to protect Mother Earth. She gives us everything we need in our lives. So let’s respect her so she’ll respect us.” She tripped on her evening gown while doing her victory walk, but quickly regained her composure. 
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