Miss Earth beauty pageant and its iconic winners

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Jamie Herrell Miss Earth 2014 from Philippines
Jamie Herrell Miss Earth 2014 from Philippines
Jamie Herrell of Philippines won the fourteenth edition of the Miss Earth pageant on 29th November 2014. Right after winning the crown, Herrell joined members of the EcoWaste Coalition at a school in Paco, Manila to campaign against the use of firecrackers to avoid injuries and pollution during the New Year revelries. During the Q&A round of the Miss Earth 2014 finale, when Jamie was asked, “If you win tonight’s crown, what will you do to help reverse the effects of global warming?” She said, “Global warming has been known for being a very long, overdue issue. That is why, if I am crowned tonight, I will use my title to inspire others, to help our environment, and we start with the kids…because the kids are the people of tomorrow. And if we teach them, they will also help the community. And that's what I will do if I am crowned Miss Earth tonight.”
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