Meet María Alejandra Salazar Miss International Colombia 2020 for Miss International 2020

01 Feb 2020 | Abigail Henry

Miss International 2020 will be the 60th edition and anniversary of the Miss International pageant which will take place later this year. Sireethorn Leearamwat of Thailand will crown her successor at end of the event.

María Alejandra Salazar was crowned Miss International Colombia 2020 on 11th November 2019 as she will represent the country at Miss International 2020. The diva was placed National Viceroy (1st runner up) in the national pageant of Señorita Colombia 2020.



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María Alejandra Salazar Rojas was born in Neiva on 28th August 1997. She is 22 years of age and is a social communication student and queen of Colombian beauty, with a degree in English. The diva is a student of Social Communication and Journalism at the Universidad Minuto de Dios Corporation and has a bachelor’s degree in English from the Universidad Surcolombiana. She dreams of graduating as a Social Communicator and Journalist and leading projects with social meaning. She would like to meet Caño Cristales. Her biggest craving is yogurt ice cream. Her platonic love is actor Zac Efron. Maria is a pretty diva and with her smile she can win many hearts in the national competition.

The diva first competed in the regional competition where she represented her province Garzon at Huila, where she has family roots. During the competition, she was one of the great favorites of the public and the press, which catapulted her to the top 3 finalists. And finally, in July 2019, Salazar was named as the new queen of Huila, becoming since then, a strong competitor for the title of Miss Colombia.  After her win at the regional pageant, the diva, with a booming favoritism, she arrived in Cartagena at the beginning of the month of November of 2019. During the competition, she stood out for her competitive level, which led her to be part of the top 3 of the Queen of Police special contest and, later, to win the prize for the best handmade suit. The final night came, where she was proclaimed National Viceroy of Beauty.



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The diva gave a stellar performance in the national competition and competed gracefully with eloquence and smartness. The diva’s attributes are just exquisite for the title and she definitely is a potential winner of the coveted title of Miss International 2020. It is sure that the diva will rock the stage with her remarkable presence and her amazing beauty.

Congratulations to the diva and also all the very best for her International journey!