Maxine Medina assures a back to back, Feng Shui predicts otherwise

13 Jan 2017 | Angelopedia

Miss Universe 2016 pageant is on its road to the finale and is slated to be held on 30th January 2017. So in less than three weeks the reigning queen Pia Wurtzbach will pass on her crown to her successor. While the 2016 batch is strong, Filipino fans are hoping for a back to back from Maxine Medina. Maxine herself assured of a back to back victory.


Maxine Medina assures a back to back, Feng Shui predicts otherwise


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During her Send off event held on Tuesday, she said she is confident President Rodrigo Duterte will witness a back-to-back win. "I'm very honored that our President will be there. He will be witnessing a back-to-back (win)," said Maxine. There is no doubt that Maxine has worked really hard for the 65th Miss Universe pageant and it is evident from her transformation. But, also true is the fact that luck matters a lot..!!
Marites Allen, a feng shui expert, predicted that Medina’s chances at the competition are a little slim. Allen explained that she might appear strong on the outside but the pressure of earning a back to back might overwhelm her by the end. "The issue with the Horse [referring to Medina's animal sign], during the Chinese New Year, the conflicts will begin. The issue with her is while the strength could be very strong, the perception is just going to be too much. ...Internally she will be feeling so much pressure," Allen said.

Allen also advised the beauty queen to wear outfits with lots of white, silver, or gold for luck. Medina told the press that she is really looking forward to touring the Philippines, as it has always been her goal to explore her own country before flying out and seeing the world. Maxine is not thinking about the results and the beauty just wants to enjoy the moment. The beauty queen is also excited to show the beauty of the country to the other candidates and share the best Filipino food with them. "I would like for them to try a boodle fight—(eating) without utensils, that's very challenging for them to try!" Medina said.

Talking about her advocacy to CNN, Maxine said, "My advocacy is about the youth who has HIV, specifically the youth. 'Coz I would like to feel them the help, the hope to give them access to education, living the life they should, you know. There's something in me that I really wanted to do also is to ensure that there's out there a little child, a girl, who's just like me — a simple girl who don't know that she can be a beauty queen."

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The finals of Miss Universe 2016 pageant will be held at the Mall of Asia Arena on January 30’ 2017. Who do you think will win the title this year?