Le Hang of Vietnam vying to become the titleholder of Miss Universe 2016

13 Jan 2017 | Angelopedia

The amazing delegate Le Hang of Vietnam is enthusiastically preparing for the finale of the 65th edition of the post popular pageant, Miss Universe 2016. The beauty pageant will be held in Manila, Philippines, on 30th January’ 2017. Le Hang is 23 years of age and has a charming personality and eye-catching beauty. Read more about this stunner...


Le Hang of Vietnam vying to become the titleholder of Miss Universe 2016


The gorgeous stands at an astounding height of 5’ 9” and hails from Da Nang. The beauty is generally described as kind, enthusiastic, and someone who possesses a large heart. She has been the Vietnam Agent Orange Relief and Miss Universe Vietnam Fund, besides regularly contributing to volunteering purposes with the Red Cross and Smile Train in her country.

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Besides keeping herself active by practicing martial arts and boxing, the stunner loves to keep her busy with creative endeavours such as painting and playing the plucked zither. The delegate wants to raise awareness for the protection of endangered animals and want to become a renowned idol as a cultural activist.

The beauty is dreaming of getting the title after the gorgeous Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015, at the finals of the beauty pageant where the outgoing crown will pass on her crown. Would the delegate from Vietnam be able to stand in front of the competition posed by the contenders of various countries at the finale of the upcoming Miss Universe pageant? We will soon find out!