Miss World Philippines 2016 Meet the finalists

06 Sep 2016 | Angelopedia

Miss World Philippines 2016 is finally walking on its road to the finale with 25 gorgeous contestants vying for the prestigious title. Fans all over who have been waiting with bated breath for any kind of update on the pageant will be excited to see the list of all-stunner contenders competing for the title this year.

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The 25 beautiful divas battling out the contest are –


Miss World Philippines 2016 Meet the finalists


Miss World Philippines 2016 Meet the finalists


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Contestant No. 8 – Sandra Raymundo Lemonon

Contestant No. 19 – Vinie Camille Oroceo Quiangco

Contestant No. 13 – Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray

Contestant No. 05 – Arienne Louise Braga Calingo

Contestant No. 18 – Ivanna Kamil Suficiencia Pacis

Contestant No. 03 – Rossette Joyce Abilla Tayam

Contestant No. 02 – Shenna Mae Monroyo Zaldivar

Contestant No. 04 – Alyana Mikaela Cagandahan

Contestant No. 06 – Casey Austria

Contestant No. 01 – Maria Paula Adda Espera Prose

Contestant No. 07 – Sarah Margarette Joson

Contestant No. 09 – Jan Hellen Villanueva

Contestant No. 11 – Shaina LalaineBorreo Sazon

Contestants No. 10 – Kristine Gaile Reyes Lopez

Contestant No. 14 – Madeleine Iya Gabrella Magdaleno

Contestant No. 12 – Arah Alvero Salientes

Contestant No. 21 – Marah Munoz

Conestant No. 15 – Charlene Verzosa Fontanilla

Contestant No. 17 – Irina Garcia Cortez

Contestant No. 20 – Quenie Litz Bongcayao Lorenzo

Contestant No. 16 – Roshiel Reston Asingua

Contestant No. 24 – Yuri Yu Caunca

Contestant No. 22 – Jane Serrano Pactoranan

Contestant No. 23 – Ralph Lauren Hernandez Asuncion

Contestant No. 25 – Ivy Meerry Enriquez

On 5th September 2016, the 25 contestants of Miss World Philippines 2016 were officially presented to the media at the Sampaguita Gardens in Quezon City. The Press Presentation involved introducing the 2016 delegates to the media and giving the official numbers to all the 25 girls. All the 25 beauties donned lavender coloured swimsuit and looked all confident and gorgeous as they walked in front of the media introducing themselves. The Press Presentation was also attended by Miss World Philippines director and CG Global Quest Inc head Cory Quirino and Miss World Philippines 2015 Hillarie Parungao.

The Miss World Philippines 2016 Grand Coronation Night will be aired on September 25, 10:00 p.m., on GMA Sunday Night Box Office (SNBO). The winner will represent the Philippines at the Miss World pageant in December. Who out of these 25 beautiful girls do you think has the potential to take away the crown this year? Who do you think has the prospective to be called Philippines at the Miss World 2016 pageant? Let us know you favourite in the comment section below...

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