Miss Earth India 2016 Top 5 Hot Picks

06 Sep 2016 | Angelopedia

With all the International pageants lined up in the coming months all the countries are coming up with their representative for the pageants. One such national pageant is the Miss Earth India 2016 pageant, which is on its way to select India’s delegate for Miss Earth 2016 pageant. Soon the finale of Miss Earth India 2016 will conclude and one of the contestants will succeed Aaital Khosla as the next Miss Earth India. India has won the crown of Miss Earth only once in the year 2010.

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The Miss Earth India pageant as well as the contestants has been involved in various projects and activities. Fans and followers too have high hopes from the batch this year. To ignite the excitement a bit, we are here with our Top 5 favourites for the title. The Top 5 listed below have been selected on the basis of fans votes and expert choice. So without any further ado let’s unveil the Top 5 favourites listed alphabetically –


Miss Earth India 2016 Top 5 Hot Picks


Bhavyata Sharma – 23 years old Bhavyata has a good amount of experience in the field of pageantry and modelling. What adds on to her charm is her voguish personality that screams class and sophistication. Her environmental advocacy includes, “I firmly believe , support and follow one factor in life 'Do your part' for environment also I will encourage people to do their parts to make this earth green and clean , because small things contribute to big changes”.

Rashi Yadav – 22 years professional model and dancer Rashi Yadav has come a long way after landing as one of the finalists in the Miss Diva 2015 pageant. The beauty has not only groomed her personality she has also worked a lot on her communication skills, and holds great chances of placing at the pageant. Her message on saving a girl child is, “Please Don’t Kill the Little Butterfly in Her Cocoon. A daughter is a God's precious gift and message that life should go on. So save the life on earth”, while her message for ‘Green, Waste Free India’ is “Care about your future generations, let them enjoy the gifts of nature which we had. Save earth. Make it greener and cleaner for a good life. Effort from each one of us counts”.

Saumya Singh – 23 years old Saumya Singh is another strong bet at the pageant this year. An experience of being one of the finalists of Femina Miss India 2016 counts as an added advantage for this beauty. Her toned body and extremely confident aura has won her half the battle already. Her environmental advocacy includes, “Preservation of natural environment is essential for maintaining sustainable growth. We can look for the alternate energy resources which can help us to replace use of coal and petroleum. Like solar energy wind energy bio-fuel which is abundant in nature and at the same they are cleanest means of energy.”

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Miss Earth India 2016 Top 5 Hot Picks


Shaan Suhas Kumar – This 24 year old beauty has been working really hard towards her goal and has been giving her best to fulfil her motto of “Beauty for a Cause”. Her hard work and dedication can be her greatest advantage in the pageant. Her environmental advocacy says, “In the past, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with organizations like WWF India, Sanctuary Asia and Prayatna which have made me learn about the different issues our environment faces today and I have continuously worked to play my part by making greener choices on a daily basis.

Swetha V Gadad – 24 years old Swetha V Gadad is exactly what pretty stands for. She is the lethal combination of beauty with brains. Her best features are her eyes and her contagious smile. She has a simple environmental advocacy – “Go green. Planting more and more trees to start green revolution and stop pollution”.

These were our Top 5 favourites for Miss Earth India 2016. Let us know yours in the comment section below...

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