Rashi Yadav is finally in Philippines to represent India at Miss Earth 2016

13 Oct 2016 | Angelopedia

After so much of drama and chaos, the verdict is finally out. We are talking about the whole Miss Earth India 2016 debacle. Yes, remember the crowning controversy, how there was a crowning and yet no winner? Well, after the much hyped controversial finale, the organisation has finally sent Rashi Yadav as India’s representative to Miss Earth 2016.

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Rashi Yadav is finally in Philippines to represent India at Miss Earth 2016


Rashi departed to Philippines yesterday and the Indian beauty has reached her destination. She has already missed few of the Preliminary Activities of the pageant and that can be a disadvantage for her. Earlier this month, in an interview with the leading Indian media, Indiatimes, Rashi Yadav spoke up about the entire crowning mishap and said, “Though I think it's justified on the part of fellow contestants to express their anguish and disappointment but it was disappointing to see some of the fellow contestants using foul language and expressions to vent out their anger. I believe I had no role to play in whatever happened. This situation that I have faced is beyond words and explanation. I am a lady of honour and I have never been subjected to such treatment by anyone. The matter should have been taken up through the right channel in a proper way rather than shouting and mud-slinging."

India’s first official pageant coach, Ritika Ramtri also expressed her disappointment over Rashi’s send off and showed her displeasure openly on her Facebook post. She said,

A bleak day in the history of Indian pageantry. A winner is declared without a contest while the other contestants and their parents watch on. Despite legal notices and FRI reports the unscruplous pageant organisers sent their delegate to the Miss Earth 2016 pageant bringing home the unkind fact that we Indians can't or won't take cudgels against corruption. The pageant organiser played with the sentiments of 24 young girls and got away with blue murder. After this all pageants will be tempted to follow suit and get away with crowning a winner who never won. This can happen only in India. A sad Indian...”

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It’s good that India finally has a contender at Miss Earth this year. But considering the crowning fiasco and how it was unfair on other contestants, will India whole-heartedly support its representative to Miss Earth this year? What do you think?