Archana Ravi for Miss Earth India 2020?

20 May 2020 | Ana Walia

The 20th edition of Miss Earth i.e., Miss Earth 2020 will be held later this year where the delegates from across the world will represent their respective countries and compete for the title of Miss Earth 2020. Miss Earth 2019 Nellys Pimentel of Puerto Rico will crown her successor at the end of the event.

Since the beauty pageants can’t be held to crown the representative for the pageant, Archana Ravi seems like a potential delegate to represent India at Miss Earth 2020 stage. She previously participated at Miss Diva Universe 2020 where she was placed at top 10 at the end of the event finale. She is passionate about beauty pageants and desires to represent India at international pageant. She is a trained classical dancer and a public speaker too.



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Archana is 24-years-old and stands 168 cm tall. Archana started her career in a beauty pageant when she was in 12th standard to get into a position where she can do something for the society and to make her homeland proud. She then started her career as a model and then went onto venture into film industry thereby making her Kollywood debut with the 2017 film ‘Attu’.  At the age of 21, Archana was crowned Miss Super Globe India 2018; first ever Malayali to have won the Indian finale of 'Miss Super Globe India 2018' and the first ever Malayali to represent the world finale of 'Miss Super Globe World' internationally. After that she participated in Femina Miss India 2019 Kerala pageant and ended up as one of the Top 3 Miss India Kerala 2019 finalists. Later she became the Top 20 finalist of Miss Universe India 2020.  

The diva has worked with various designers and brands in India, walked on-stage at fashion weeks which has helped her gain experience, confidence, and extensive knowledge about beauty pageants. Archana is very hardworking and dedicated toward representing India at international level where she can not only make her family proud but also the people of India proud. The diva is a founder of a non-profit organization ‘The Buddy project’ that aims at tackling various problems faced by the children. Archana, who herself was a victim of bullying at school from her teachers and schoolmates started the organization to help the ones like her. They have a toll-free number, in which children can contact if they are facing bullying from anyone. They will also conduct program in every school and mark them as anti-bullying zones. The project has currently 70 volunteers now.



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Archana is close to nature and spends her free time with nature. She believes that every individual should step up in order to help mother earth heal from all the damage one has done. If she gets appointed for representing India at Miss Earth 2020, then she’d work towards raising awareness about environment in the country as well as across the globe. One of the things she believes in is the fact that people should take responsibility for their actions.

Archana’s confidence and determination has made her one of the potential candidates for representing India at Miss Earth 2020 competition. She trains everyday as she works on her personal growth, and building up herself for the day when she gets to represent her culture, tradition, and values to everyone. She believes that every day is a chance to do something better for the society and she’d use her platform to do that.