Lucía Paola Torres Romo crowned Miss Earth Mexico 2019

27 May 2019 | Irina Silva

Miss Earth Mexico 2019 Winner Paola Torres Miss Earth Ciudad de Mexico 2019


Paola Torres (full name Lucía Paola Torres Romo), representing Ciudad de México (Mexico City), was crowned Miss Earth Mexico 2019 at the conclusion of the finale of the national beauty pageant held on 26th May 2019. She succeeds the outgoing queen Melissa Flores, the Miss Earth Mexico 2018 and will now represent Mexico in Miss Earth 2019. 

Paola, who is 24 years of age and stands tall at an impressive height of 174 cm, is a model and a television actress. Born in Mexico City on 25th January 1995, she graduated from Televisa's Artistic Education Center, also known as Centro de Educación Artística, after three years of studies. She first appeared in the 2000 soap opera Carita de Ángel produced by Nicandro Díaz González for Televisa. She is best known for her appearances and roles in two recurring drama series for Televisa - La Rosa de Guadalupe and Como Dice el Dicho.


Lucía Paola Torres Romo crowned Miss Earth Mexico 2019


Paola’s elemental court included Hilary Islas Montés of Nayarit (Miss Earth Air Mexico 2019), Alejandra Díaz de León Soler of San Luis Potosí (Miss Earth Water Mexico 2019), and Perla Viviana Dominguez Triana of Veracruz (Miss Earth Fire Mexico 2019). Other contestants who were part of the Top 16 finalists were Reyna Yasmin Amador García, Brenda Zuarth Aragón, Fernanda Barragán Gil, Diana Navarrete Guereca, Ana Isis Barrios Garcia, Gabriela Ledesma Martínez, Marilyn Suazo Pineda, Shunashi Guadalupe Guerra López, Giovanna Díaz Camacho, Andrea Arantxa Zurita Vaca, Montserrat Amador Contreras and María José Bolio Cano.


Paola Torres National Costume Miss Earth Ciudad de Mexico 2019


Prior to the finale of Miss Earth Mexico 2019, a semi-final event was also held last week when three other queens were crowned - Sofía Miñarro Pedraza of Querétaro was crowned Miss Intercontinental Mexico 2019, Scandy Patrón of Quintana Roo was crowned Miss Eco International Mexico 2020 and Dariana Urista Soto was crowned Miss Supranational Mexico 2019. These were part of the initial contestants for Miss Earth Mexico 2019, but did not compete in the finale, having won other titles in the semi-finals.

Looking at the history of Mexico's performance in Miss Earth, though Mexico has managed to place in Top 4 at Miss Earth twice, it has never won the title till date. Last year, Melissa who represented Mexico in Miss Earth 2018, was placed amongst Top 4 at the finale of Miss Earth 2018 held in the Philippines and won one of the four elementary titles – Miss Earth Fire 2018. Prior to that, Abigail Elizalde of Mexico secured Top 4 placement in Miss Earth 2008.

Do you think Paola can win the first ever Miss Earth title for Mexico?