Who will represent France at Miss Universe 2020 and Miss World 2020?

02 Mar 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

France has had an incredible run at Miss World and Miss Universe in the past decade as it has won a placement almost every year in both the pageants and even won the Miss Universe crown in 2016 under Iris Mittenaere’s delegation.

While Miss France 2020 was held on 14th December 2019 at the Le Dôme de Marseille in Marseille, Clémence Botino of Guadeloupe was crowned the new queen. The organization is yet to announce if she will participate in Miss Universe 2020 or Miss World 2020.



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The 23-year-old diva is a model and a master’s student in the history of art at the Sorbonne and wishes to become heritage curator. Passionate about music and cinema, Clémence will surely be a strong contender wherever she decides to participate. However, she has mentioned a lot of times that she would rather go to Miss Universe as a delegate than Miss World.

For Miss World 2020, Vaimalama Chaves seems like an ideal delegate as she holds the title of Miss France 2019. After she was crowned Miss France 2019, Vaimalama refused to participate in Miss World 2019 or Miss Universe 2019 as she decided she would rather accompany the contestants of Miss France 2020 on their trip to Tahiti. After everything, Vailama has completed all of her responsibilities and she might be a strong contender for Miss World 2020 if she decides to participate.



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Another strong contender for Miss World 2020 could be Lou Ruat Miss France 2020 first runner-up. The 19-year-old stunning beauty showed her worth at the competition with absolute excellence and grace. She is currently a student of Economics at Aix-Marseille Université. She definitely has the beauty and the brains for competing at Miss World 2020.



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In this decade, France has won six placements under Top 15 while also winning Miss Universe crown in 2016. Moreover, it holds seven placements in Miss World in which two are first runners-up positions. Therefore, it will be incredible to see these strong women represent France with utmost sincerity and dedication at the international platforms.