Miss France 2023 Meet the Contestants

26 Oct 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss France 2023, the 93rd edition of Miss France, is scheduled be held on 17th December 2022 at M.A.CH 36 in Châteauroux, Centre-Val de Loire. Miss France 2022 Diane Leyre of Île-de-France will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

The 2023 edition will be Cindy Fabre’s first year as the national director. She has taken over from Sylvie Tellier who served in the position since 2007. This will also mark the first edition where women of any age, married, divorced, or widowed women, women with children or women with tattoos or non-ear piercings will be eligible to compete at Miss France.



Here are the thirty official delegates competing at Miss France 2023 –

Miss Alsace 2022 Camille Sedira

Miss Aquitaine 2022 Orianne Galvez-Soto

Miss Auvergne 2022 Alissia Ladeveze

Miss Bourgogne 202 Lara Lebretton

Miss Bretagne 2022 Énora Moal

Miss Centre-Val de Loire 2022 Coraline Lerasle

Miss Champagne-Ardenne 2022 Solène Scholer

Miss Corse 2022 Orianne Meloni

Miss Côte d’Azur 2022 Flavy Barla

Miss Franche-Comté 2022 Marion Navarro

Miss Guadeloupe 2022 Indira Ampiot

Miss Guyane 2022 Shaïna Robin

Miss Ile-de-France 2022 Adèle Bonnamour

Miss Languedoc 2022 Cameron Valliere

Miss Limousin 2022 Salomé Maud


Miss France 2023 Meet the Contestants


Miss Lorraine 2022 Sarah Aoutar

Miss Martinique 2022 Axelle René

Miss Midi-Pyrénées 2022 Florence Demortier

Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2022 Agathe Cauet

Miss Normandie 2022 Perrine Prunier

Miss Nouvelle-Calédonie 2022 Océane Le Goff

Miss Pays de la Loire 2022 Emma Guibert

Miss Picardie 2022 Bérénice Legendre

Miss Poitou-Charentes 2022 Marine Paulais

Miss Provence 2022 Chana Goyons

Miss Réunion 2022 Marion Marimoutou

Miss Rhone-Alpes 2022 Esther Coutin

Miss Roussillon 2022 Chiara Fontaine

Miss Saint-Martin Saint-Barthelemy 2022 Inès Tessier

Miss Tahiti 2022 Herenui Tuheiava

Miss France 2022 Diane Leyre of Île-de-France decided not to represent France at Miss Universe this year. Her official statement read, “Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate in the Miss Universe contest due to lack of time and preparation a few weeks before my Miss France title presentation, next December. I do not like to do things by halves when it comes to to represent France internationally and the choice of my first runner-up, Floriane Bascou, was obvious to live this great adventure. I am sure that she will shine and I will support her like all French people during her journey.”